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Favorite Brony Youtubers?

Alex Z

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Jerry Peet


Silver Quill


Aficionados Chris


The Living Tombstone

Black Gryph0n

Alex Side





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It's funny, I love JoshScorcher he's one of my favorite Youtubers, yet I have never seen any of his MLP videos, and the only thing I've ever seen with him that's MLP related was that "Military Bronies react to Wonderbolts Academy" video

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Hands down my favorite is PrinceWhateverer


JHaller for his top tens at the end of the month


Ferexes for his awesome SFM's. That robotic Pinkie model he's been using lately is pretty sick.


LittleshyFiM because of the CinemaSins parodies


Rina-chan has a very pretty singing voice. Favorite song she sang in with PhonyBrony (who I think is a member here, but he didn't sing in the video lol)


SimGretina although I've seen a steady decline in his pony work, I still consider him a brony since I haven't seen him post a video talking about leaving the fandom


LtMkilla a.k.a. Michael Jones from RoosterTeeth a.k.a. the Rage Quit guy


2Snacks because 2 best sisters play


FimFlamFilosophy for Rainbow Dash Presents. RDP is a very intelligent kind of funny. And I love their drawing style though I wish they used full on animation.


Dark Hoof Studios has some pretty weird and funny compilation videos


StormXF3 who does ponies IRL


Screams From Equestria has some pretty hardcore screamo


UndreamedPanic has some nice trance/techno


WeimTime does MLP music (canon and fanmade) in Synthesia


Contrary to what's popular in the fandom, I really don't like The Living Tombstone all that much. I mean...he's alright...but it feels generic to me. Maybe I'm just the weird one here lol

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Despite being a Non-Brony currently (originally an Anti-Brony) I always had a soft spot for two particular MLP/Brony Youtubers,



Her videos just makes me want to smile and be optimistically realistic with my life. She basically roleplays one of the Mane 6 characters of the show (mostly Fluttershy though she can do other voice acting). She aspires to be a voice actress. And when I see her vlog videos, I can sympathize with where she's coming from. Plus, this is embarassing to admit on my end, but I had a crush on her a long time ago, but I got over it thanks to her BF and I wish both of them live like a happy couple.

I hope that Vannamelon makes amends with her parents in some way in the nearest future and hope that her BF does a good job keeping her company throughout her 'locked in a tower' life originally. The only video I didn't like was her Drunk video. I didn't find it funny and made me lose a little bit of respect for her. I mean c'mon Vanna, you just got out of your depression. Why make it worse and make a video out of this? Still, I support her content and watch her videos with the exception of THAT video. Also, is this you @Vannamelon?

Either way, may Vannamelon continues to live up to her dream and becomes the Tara Strong for future generations.


Joshscorcher (The Fiery Joker):

I like him cause of his Nostalgia Critic like MLP reviews. I used to see this guy collab with a youtuber named Alex Rochon (originally peanutbutter1234 aka The Autarch). He's pretty cool and I like how he used to be a Non-Brony originally being cynical and skeptical of MLP: FIM.


Consider these two my guilty pleasures :lol:.

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I don't watch many brony youtubers, mostly because I don't really like most of them.

Drowning in Horseshoes is amazing, but that series ended, so I guess my favorite that still uploads is DWK. Almost all of his videos are pure comedic gold and I find him a better analyst than most of the brony youtubers who call themselves analysts, despite DWK not liking being called that.

I should also give mention to lowponview. He makes the only sins videos that I actually find entertaining (I even like them more than cinemasins) and his review videos are even better. He's only gotten better over time.

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