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Your favourite colour? Except Black. 

Pink.  Always pink.


How's Warframe? I've heard good things.

It's one of my favorite games, for sure.  I've got well over 1000 hours in it.  It's grindy.  It can get repetitive.  It's colloquially referred to as Warfarm.  But it just feels so good.  It's never felt that tedious to me.  Killing enemies has rarely felt so satisfying.  Only God of War does it better.  But the reason I stick around, the reason I keep coming back to it time and again, is because it is, hands down, bar none, the sexiest game ever made.  But not in a cheesy or tacky way, like beach volleyball or something.  It's got substance, and achieves its sex appeal with style.  It's really a sci-fi fashion show, that's what it is.  It's Project Runway in space, but then you get to massacre enemies by the hundreds of thousands with your hot ensemble.  I highly recommend it.

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i would like to know about your biggest dream ever

Well, my unrealistic fantasy dream is to have my own video game themed figure skating show: An Evening of Nintendo on Ice.  Numbers would include reenactments of Super Smash, Earthworm Jim, Castlevania, Zelda, Donkey Kong Country, Super Metroid, and Mario.  My favorite number would be the Turned-Into-a-Rabbit number, reenacting when Link travels to the Dark World without the Moon Pearl.


My "realistic" dream is just to find my true love.  That's all I've ever wanted, really.  I feel I would be best suited to be a stay at home husband, and do the cooking and cleaning.  I hope to find a woman who has a career, and just wants to find that special person to make her life complete.  I would then make Redbubble art in my spare time, and if I ever got good enough, maybe teach a few casual figure skating lessons.  Pipe dreams, really.

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okay going to the love part, i would like to know, if you have a crush on somepony of the forums, somepony in real life and a crush on the ponies?

No forum crushes, no.  Not really any real life crushes, either.  Sure, there's plenty women I've found attractive.  Some were classmates back in high school.  Some are just celebrities.  But no crushes that could actually amount to anything.  No one I could actually ask out or anything.  Truth is, I'm 29 and I've never been on a date before.  I've just never found anyone.  Anyone I've ever been attracted to is taken, no exceptions.


Pony crushes?  You bet.  All of 'em.

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at your 29 tell me, is there something that you regret in the past?

Hmm.  Everything...and nothing.  In a way that's actually true.  I try to live without regrets.  If I could live my whole life over again, knowing what I know now, I'm not sure what, if anything, I would do differently.  But at the same time, it feels like nothing has really worked out for me, so, idk.  Sometimes I regret not asking out some of the girls I liked in high school, but they never would have said yes, and it wasn't a bad idea to avoid the drama at that age.  Other than that, there's no specific regrets that come to mind, I guess.  I wish I had found the courage to wear the clothes I want earlier in life.  A lot of wasted time there, just worrying about what others think.  But it's easy to say you wish you did something sooner, but sometimes you just have to get there on your own.  I wear what I want now, and I don't worry about what others think, but I just wouldn't have been ready any sooner.  I just had to get to this place in my own time.


Really, though, I've never had any big moments where I didn't act, and then spent the rest of my life wonder "what might have been."  I've never had any dating opportunities, as I've said.  Not like these TV shows where someone is in love with a person they know really well, but they never tell them and drag it out for ages (Niles & Daph, Jim & Pam, etc.)  If I ever find someone, I won't make that mistake.

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