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Are you a Mints or Gum person?


Mints or Gum?  

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  1. 1. Mints or Gum?

    • Mint
    • Gum
    • I like my breath being nasty!

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Mints are better for breath, but if it's something I'd eat / chew just because I wanted to, I'd prefer gum. Mints only last a few minutes at most, and I'm not a huge fan of mint flavored things, anyway (except for mint ice cream. That stuff's amazing).

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I prefer a mint. I don’t like gum; the flavor doesn’t last and I don’t want to look like a cow endlessly chewing its cud. A mint is nice, fresh, to the point and never outlasts its welcome (and I don’t have to find a handy receptacle to decant it in when I’m finished).  

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None. I enjoy the aftertaste of good food. I take it that is something from people who are  more concerned with causing a good impression on others. Which is understandable if your breath is bad. But my breath is generally neutral, especially considering my diet. So, it is not necessary.

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