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The American Stallion!

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Hey Everypony! Here is the same guy who created the "Brazilian Mare"!

I promised that I would create an EUA flag stallion, but... Was not a pinkie promise.


I created an Canadian modern stallion (because I could make an interesting maple mane).

Check it out:




Yeah, he is pretty cool.

My used base were Big McIntosh (No sh*t, Sherlock), so here is a pic of him with his XXI-Century Canadian clone:



And finally, to close that with a gold key, the Leafy Couple!



(Yeah, they're very cute, man)


Another thing: Please, suggest names! I want your help to put names to those two ponies!

Constructive criticism is helpful too, it will motivate me to continue doing that.


I have one idea about the name of The American Stallion:

Big MapleTosh

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This is nice! :D


My name suggestions would be Canuck, Red Maple, Brave North, Pearson, or Captain North America (with apologies to T.U.F.F. Puppy). :P


He's a member of the eh-team. :D

Cool man, nice suggestions. I would pick the second, but I am waiting more bronies to have the final conclusion. Do you have any suggestions to the mare?

link to her topic: http://mlpforums.com/topic/114686-the-brazilian-mare/#entry3258633

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Sorry, I don't. But if this Canadian were a mare I'd call her Glowing Heart. ;)

Really? If do you want, I can make it. Brohoof it if you really want. But its 8 o' clock PM here (al least here it is), and I was planning in playing AOTTG, so it will be done tomorrow.

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