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Chapter 1 - An Unwanted Guest.

It  was  a  dark  and  stormy  Nightmare  Night ,  the  perfect  night  for  telling  horror  stories , eat  candies  and  make  Tricks ! 


Or  rather ,  it  was  the  perfect  night  for  almost  everyone .  

In his Cottage , Fluttershy  had  closed  every  door  and  window,  so  that  nothing  dangerous  could  get  inside. 

Although  the  most  dangerous  he  could  be  is  a  big  mosquito. 

" don’t  you  forget  something ? "  said  Discord  while  floating  above  Fluttershy.

"  No ,  I  don’ t  think , ”  Fluttershy  answered,  wondering  if  she  had  forgotten  something.

" Not  even  a  certain  party ? " Said  Discord.

A  party ? ”  Fluttershy  asked,  when  she  suddenly  gasped  and  said, " Oh  no,  Twilight  Special Nightmare  Night  Party ! "

" Hallelujah ! "  exclaimed  Discord,  making  confetti  appear  out  of  nowhere, " and  tell  me  are  you planning  to  stay  here ?  No,  seriously,  because  it  is  a  bit  that  I  don’t  go  to  a  party  of  us   beloved ... Princess ... Twilight. "

Fluttershy  sighed  and  began  to  turn  around,  thinking  and  mumbling. 

Shortly  after,  she  sat  down,  looked  at  Discord,  and said , " if  you  want,  you  can  go" 

" Will  I  remember  you  last  year ? "  Said  Discord  with  very  serious  tone, " when  you  come  to  the library  crying,  soaking  wet  and  cooled  after  the  storm  has  turned  off  the  lights  in  the  house ? "

" Oh,  right, "  said  Fluttershy  disconsolate, "if  only  I  had  a  way  to  call  you,  how  does  spike  when  it sends  messages  to  Princess  Celestia"

Discord  sighed  and  began  to  think.

"So ,"  he said , " you  need  something  that  can  contact  me  wherever  I  am. Possibly  something  small and  manageable.  Hmmm

A  few  seconds  passed  in  silence,  punctuated  only  by  the  pouring  rain  and  howling  wind. 

"AHA,  EUREKA ! "  exclaimed  happy  discord. 

With  a  snap  of  his  fingers,  he  materialized  a  small  necklace  with  a  blue  diamond  hanging.

"If  you  needed  my  help,"  he  said,  as  he  closed  the  necklace  around  the   Fluttershy' s  neck, " think of  me  intensely  and  I  will  arrive  here  in  a  blink  of  an  eye

Fluttershy  smiled,  then  stood  up  and  hugged  Discord. 

"Thanks ,"  she  said  happily, " and  say  hello  to  the  other !

" Obviously ,  my dear, "  Discord  said  happily. 

Then ,  in  a  flash , he  teleported.

Meanwhile,  at  the  library ...

The  others  were  just  arriving  and,  punctually,  they  wondered  where  it  was  Fluttershy.

" perhaps  she  remained  at  home, you  know  how  she  is " Twilight  said. 

" what  a  shame ,"  said  Applejack. 

"Oh  no,  now  what ? Now  that  I  had  brought  some  delicious  pastries  with  pumpkin ! "  exclaimed  wincing  Rarity. 

"Ah ,  don’t  worry , " said  Discord , " I  will  eat  someone  for  her".

"Oh  ,  Discord , " said  Twilight  cheerfully , "  I'm  happy  that  you  were  able  to  come ,  but ...

" Where's  Fluttershy  ? " Asked  Rainbow  Dash. 

"Oh ,  well ,  you  know  how , "  Discord  said  with  his  usual  tone, " storm ,  a  moonless  night ,  the  fact that  it  is  Nightmare  night ...

" ugh , okay ,  we  get  it "  said  again  Rainbow  Dash . 

" I  don’t ," said Pinkie Pie, " I  missed  at  "  moonless  night  " ,  could  you  repeat  everything ? "

There  was  a  moment  of  silence . 

" uh ,  we' ll  talk  later ,  okay ? "  said  ironically  Discord .

And  so  they  began  to  party!

They  went  on  to  dance,  to  tell  horror  stories  and  also  read  some  stories  too . 

Until ...

" Hey ,  what  have  you  to  your  hoof  ? "  Asked  Applejack  while  pointing  Discord’s  hoof ,  who continued  to  beat  on  the  floor .

"Oh ,  oh ,  it's  like  my  twitchy  tail ? ”   Pinkie  Pie   asked  anxiously.

“  Actually , ”  said  Discord , “  it  is  rather  difficult  to  explain  the  "  why  " ,  let's  just  say  that  Fluttershy  is  calling  me 

The  hoof  continued  to  beat  harder  and  harder,  so  he begin  to  break  the  floor . 

" Oh ,  damn , "  Discord  said  worriedly , "  I'd  better  go  now ,  it  looks  she  is  pretty  worried .

So  saying ,  discord  re - snapped  his  fingers  and  disappeared . 

The  5 ,  meanwhile ,  wondered  why  Fluttershy  could  be  so  nervous. 

Rainbow Dash  suggested  that  it  could  be  for  the  same  event  the  year  before ,  while Rarity  said that  maybe  it  was  something  serious ...  this  time. 

While  the  5  spoke ,  spike  came  down  from  upstairs  with  a  letter  in  his  hand. 

It  was  signed  with  a " D " . 

Twilight   took  it ,  and  began  to  read : 

" Twilight , 

We  have  a  small  problem  from  Fluttershy ,  may you ... just  ONLY  come  you ? 

. “

" It  must  be  serious , "  said  Rarity  " Discord  wrote  something  seriously !

The  other  four  looked  at  her  with  a  scornful  look .

"  ...  what  ? " asked embarassed Rarity .

" All  right ,  girls ,"  said  Twilight , " I  see  what  the  problem  is  and  come  back  immediately "

And  in  an  instant ,  Twilight  teleported  to  the  cottage .

" Oh  ,  thank  Celestia   you  came , "  Discord  said  with  a  strange  worried  tone  .

" What  is  it ,  where  Fluttershy  ?  "  Twilight  asked .

Discord   brought  twilight   to  Fluttershy  room and  recommended  she  to  not   worry  or  get  nervous..

With  all  this  tension ,  twilight  was  already  preparing  for  the  worst  .

Arrived  in  front  of  Fluttershy’ s  room ,  Discord  knocked  on  the  door  and  said  that  there  was twilight .

Fluttershy  came  out ,  he  looked  exhausted,  trembling  and  his  eyes  were  full  of  tears .

" Twilight  ," she  said  sobbing  , " Please , you  must  help  me ! "

" Fluttershy ,  what  happens ? "   asked  worried  Twilight .

Fluttershy  hesitated  and  glanced  at  Discord .

" P - please ,  Twilight ,"  he  began  to  say  Fluttershy  , "  don’t  get  mad ,  he ...  he  is  not  like  the others ,  I - I'm  sure ! "

" What  are  you  talking  about  ?  "  Twilight  asked  in  a  tone  somewhat  grim .

Fluttershy  left  twilight  enter  in  the  room.

She  stopped  when  she  saw  what  was  in  the  bed .

It  was  one  of  them.

" Fluttershy , "  twilight  said  with  a  shocked  tone , "  You  know  what  is  that ...  thing ? "

Fluttershy  not  answer.

"Do  you  remember  what  they  did  to  my  brother ? "

For  a  few  seconds ,  Fluttershy  stood  in  silence. 

" I'm  sorry "  She  said.

Twilight  sighed  and ,  still  shaken ,  she  replied  " okay ,  I’ll  heal  him ,  but  I  want  to  know  every  detail of   why  you  brought  a  changeling  in  your  house "

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