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The Little Hopebird Project


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So I was going along tumblr and I found this

This is not mine I am just signal boosting, please click on the link below.




This is hopebird.

Hopebird is a little project idea of mine. He’s transparent, and I’m giving permission to use this as you want as long as you don’t profit from it. 

I want you to put hopebird on your blog (either reblog this or take the image and put it on your blog) if you are a SAFE ZONE. That means anyone who has this logo on their blog will not judge you based on your race, age, religion, sexuality, ability, gender, appearance, or anything. If you see hopebird, it means that this person is open to talk to and offer you support if you need it.




Honestly I think this shouldn't be confined to Tumblr, it should be for the whole of the internet, a picture on profiles everywhere, for those people who want to help others. Despite the few who may want to abuse it there should be many many people who have this on their blog, or profile, or whatever. It could become something really big and it could help make some people happier. :D

You could put it on your profiles too!



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