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Music Music you've listened to on FULL BLAST?


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Full blast? Never. I value my excellent hearing very highly, so I try to listen to music, even hard rock, relatively softly. But my hearing is sensitive enough that even 10% volume is pretty loud.


But waking somebody up with death metal on the other hand...


Fun to do, not fun to have done to you.

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The Living Tombstone - FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S SO…:


Five Nights at Freddy's! Is this where you want to be? I just don't get it. Why do you want to stay?


Five Nights at Freddy's! Is this where you want to be? I just don't get it. Why do want to stay? Five Nights at Freddy's, oh!


This song is too awesome to NOT annoy your neighbors with!

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Everything on my IPod :lol: . To be specific is hard to say, but the most recent was either Black Flag or Black Sabbath.


When my parents are gone and I'm home alone, I grab these speakers, plug in my IPod, and listen to music loudly.


I never do it with my laptop or IPod when using my earbuds. Both are a little sensitive so it wouldn't be a good idea.

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Short answer: yes. Long answer:

Most songs by ADTR

A couple All That Remains songs

A few As I Lay Dying songs

Blue October's "Drilled a wire through my cheek" and "Dirt Room"

Couple Chevelle songs

ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING DEADMAU5, may he lead us all to victory, protect us from evil, and deliver us to the promiseland, forever and always, amen.

DJ Snake and Lil Jon "Turn down for what"

Downlink's Planetary Punishment

Dunbar Jonny "A Brief Tutorial on Dubstep Production" and the various Remixes


Everything Five Finger Death Punch

Flux Pavilion- "Bass Cannon"

Most Hollywood Undead songs

Jay Z & Kanye "N***as in Paris"


Kill The Noise

Knife Party



Krizz Kaliko

Lil Jon

Lil Wayne







point blank

Quartus Saul "Hagakure" CyberOptics remix


Rotting Christ

Ry Legit






Skylar Grey


Sub Focus

Suicide Silence


Tactical Nuke



War of Ages

Wiz Khalifa


Ying Yang Twins


10 Years

30 Seconds To Mars

7L & Esoteric


TL;DR bunch of bands, metal/alternative/Dubstep/EDM


So yeah, my hearing can suck it XD. I passed my hearing test for the Air Force, I'm golden from here on out.

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I never listen to anything at maximum volume for obvious reasons but there are a large number of songs that I do crank the volume up for. It usually falls into two categories: Songs that are very intensive/brutal or songs that relax me greatly. Ghost Love Score by Nightwish is one that falls into both categories and I always have that one up loud, no way not to.


Here is another good example of the intensive category:



Now that I think about it, I tend to have most music I like up loud, I love music. :3

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