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What would happen if Team RWBY worked for the White Fang instead of trying to stop them. It would lead to more problems for Vytal and less problems for the White Fang. The White Fang has become a much bigger problem and they need to be stopped but no one has tried to stop them...until four people of a team decided to finally do something about it.


That is my main premise of this rp and I'll need 3 other people and more in case anyone wants to play as Team

RWBY who now works for the White Fang.Character Sign up sheet.

Race: if fanaus then what kind
Appearance: pic or description
Weapon: Description or pic
Semblance: Description of it
Personality: not needed but highly suggested so to know how your character is.
Bio: Not needed but if you want then go ahead

Extra: Anything elase you want

My character :3
Name: Kira Inazami

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Cat Faunus

Appearance: Black medium length hair that almost covers his eyes. Wears a black shirt and white jacket that is torn near the bottom and black pants. He either has his hood up or keeps his cat ears pinned down.

Weapon: Black Rose is his weapon and can go into three modes. First mode is his black katana with a built in chamber for either bullets or dust crystals. Second mode works if he is using his sembalance or a dust crysta as it splits in the middle and emits a beam of energy of the element of the dust Crystal. The third form turns it into a bow which only works with his Sembalance or dust crystals so he can fire elemental arrows.

Semblance: Lighting: Can use lighting to power his two Weapon modes or to move fast. When he uses it to move fast he leave behind a stream of lighting which can be chained to trap opponents. The last way he can use it is to crash down and erupt a massive field of lighting but faints if he uses this. He holds his weapon back handed when he uses the sembalance.

Team RWBY Character being played
Ruby: none
Weiss: Comet Starflash
Blake: Summer_Breeze

Yang: None

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Why has no one else responded yet? I love RWBY! I guess I'll try and make a character.

So, a name: Jake Aiken

Age: 19

Gender: male

Race: humam

Appearance: backward pointing spiked hair (black), grey suit with red tie, wears an overcoat, black shoes.

weapon(s): automatic pistols up his sleeves, regular ammunition on the inside of his coat, dust chambers in his shoes (to go with his main melee fighting style, kicks)

Semblance(I guess?): speed. When using his ability his reaction speed is increased and his heart beats faster. This allows for an adrenaline rush for speed boosts, pain killers and increased stamina.

Extras: Strong Scottish accent, keeps sentences short unless the situation requires extended conversation.

Hope this is alright, tell me if anything isn't.

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Name: Amethyst Lantana (or Ammy for short)

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Wolf Faunus
Appearance: Amethyst has black waist-long hair with purple streaks running through it, she also has wolf ears that are a dark shade of purple and lavender colored eyes, Amethyst wears a dark purple tang-top, on the front of the shirt is a black crescent moon and violet flower within the crescent moon, and a dark purple skirt with black trimmings, black leggings, and knee-high black heeled boots.
Weapon: Amethyst's weapon is called Moonlight Rosary, its a long extendable light-purple whip that has 4 buttons on the handle. The first button cause thorn like spikes to come out and acts as a bladed whip, the second button will only activate if the first has been activated as it causes the thorned blades slant forward and the whip to shorten and become a multi-bladed sword. The third and fourth buttons cause energy of dust to flow through the whip the third causes a shield when spun in a circle while the fourth can send energy blasts from the whip when swung. Amethyst keeps it wrapped around her waist like a belt. she also has katana like sword that can turn into a shotgun, she hasn't come up with a name for this one.
Semblance: Amethyst's semblance is speed/flash stepping putting on great amounts of speed.
Personality: when with her friends Amethyst is a very kind person who doesn't mind teasing her friends but once in a fight, she becomes a fierce and serious fighter.
Bio: (will be added later)

Extra: one of her favorite things are chocolate and other sweets and can sometimes be used as a weakness by her friends

she also cares very much about children, both human and faunus.

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Well, I'm not a very good leader role player... I could do Weiss? Or Blake. I suppose I could be better at Weiss, I find it easier to do that kind of upper class/ more posh than a darker personality.

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What is the setting here? Are we huntsmen/ huntress? Or are we students at beacon? In a group or on our own at the beginning? And do I have to wait for Summer_Breeze to post first?

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Doesnt matter who posts at first and we are students at it and I would like Summer to post because the female there is supposed to be Blake

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All of Team RWBY is evil...this is pretty much an alternate universe of RWBY

In this alternate universe:

Blake never left the White Fang

Weiss is actually helping with stealing the dust from her company against her father 

Ruby and Yangs reason I am still trying to figure out Weiss's reasons are a work in progress

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