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Before we start this RP, let's lay down some rules:


-1. No alicorns!


-2. Use proper grammar, spellcheck, and avoid run-on sentences.


-3. Please provide a description of your character. A picture or words will do just nicely.


-4. Feel free to drop in anytime you'd like.


Here's the OOC discussion:


Okay, let's get the ball rolling.


Bright Day scarfed down his 3rd... or was it 4th?... cupcake, as he thought of the adventures that lay ahead. Bright had a dark brown coat, a bright gray mane, and no visible horn or wings. His cutie mark was a chest on top of a map, cracked open to reveal the bits and jewels inside. This symbolized his Love for adventuring. Licking his lips, he remarked to his companion, Starlit Sky. Starlit was a royal blue unicorn, with a ginger orange mane. Her cutie mark was a yellow star, surrounded by five smaller, light blue stars in the shape of a star, symbolizing her love for astrology and mastery in magic. "Hey, how's the packing going?" asked Bright. "It would go faster if you would help me," said Starlit back, with a tone of resentment. "Hey, Star," said Bright. " you know I've gotta' keep my energy up. Something could happen," "Like what?" asked Starlit. "Nothing's gonna' happen. Nothing ever does. We've gone on two adventures since the start of the month, and all we've accomplished was wasting provisions. Those cost money, ya' know. My money, specifically." "You don't know that!" retorted Bright. "What about that adventure last June?" "A tree fell," "Exactly!" Bright answered. "Something happened!" Starlit sighed, and muttered some words under her breath she probably shouldn't have. "Come on," she said."Let's go. I'm finished packing,"

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If you would like your thread unlocked, pleae PM me or any member of Roleplay staff, and we will unlock it for you.

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