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I don't mind them but sometimes (especailly matpat) can stretch anything to match with thier video. How does mario stepping on luigis show in a jockingly manor make him a psychopath. How does the fact that the fight with got being hard match the african tradition of stepping on top of bulls.

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I watch Game Theory sometimes, and while they do bring up a lot of good points with a lot of good evidence to back it up (like the Kübler-Ross Model of Grief in Majora's Mask), but other points (again, drawing from the Majora's Mask "Is Link dead?" video), such as Termina = Terminal and a lot of NPC models from Ocarina of Time are reused therefore death. The whole "Link is dead in Majora's Mask" theory is very plausible, especially with the Hero's Spirit in Twilight Princess (which is next, canonically, in that timeline), I just don't think he used a lot of the right evidence to back it up.

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