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Would you spark the brony fandom?

Green Precision

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So, lets say that we are back a couple years, and my little pony just aired. Even though this is not really possible, lets say that you are the only person that knows about how good it actually is.


Would you try to spark the fandom, and begin the bronies. If so, why and how?


OR would you not spark the fandom, and keep it to yourself as a secret. Why?



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Let history take its course, otherwise you'll be ridiculed.  It's fine being part of a relatively large group like this one, but to be completely alone in this gender-role mess of a world --  I don't think I could take it.

I wish I could be courageous enough to try to invent the fandom, but I this is what I'd do as well.  This community has inspired me many times over to be who I am and not worry about stupid gender roles, but I wouldn't have had it in me to spark the fandom myself, without that already established community to inspire me.  I sure am thankful that it did happen, though.

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I don't think I'd be the type of person who would intentionally start a fandom, assuming anyone person actually "starts a fandom". I'd be the guy, who says to a couple dudes, " Hey you should watch this scene of this kids show, they got a clever Benny Hill reference snuck in here." And that is how I would accidentally start the Brony fandom and save Christmas :har: .

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