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Best Big Sister  

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  1. 1. Who's the Best Big Sister

    • Celestia
    • A.J
    • Dashie
    • Rarity
    • Maud
    • Cadance
    • Other

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  • 7 years later...

I have to go with Maud. :maud:


She just has an ability to know ponies better than they know themselves, she'd do anything to keep Pinkie safe and happy, and she's even willing to go out of her comfort zone for Pinkie.


And she's a top tier pony in general!387955974_575805__safe_screencap_maudpie_earthpony_pony_maudpie28episode29_season4_cute_cutesmile_fe-liddedeyes_mare_maudabetes_smiling_solo_whenshesmiles.thumb.png.31172c4775921f9295a9e1f557c481c0.png

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1 hour ago, Scootaloo9074090 said:

Ok I might be biased I Think Rainbow dash is best since she helps scootaloo and taken scoot under her wing


140 Rainbow dash and Scootaloo ideas | rainbow dash, my little pony, dash

I'm also biased because I love these two together so much. I go with RD here too. But I give Applejack I a second place with not doubts :>

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I always liked Rainbow and Scootaloo's dynamic the most. The fact that they aren't biological sisters made their bond feel a lot more heartfelt to me.

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