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Sorry guys if this is in the wrong place... still getting used to the where-stuff-is here.


So here's my sob-story: I've been in Mexico for the last two years without ever being on a computer or anything (props to whoever can guess WHY I would go to a foreign country for 2 years without internets) and honestly, I've forgotten almost everything I knew about programming. It's been years since I've taken any classes and right now I'm getting ready to get into college this next year. SO! That gives me something of a unique opportunity. Before all this happened, I had been taught Java. Java had been my main language, with some snooping around in C++ and some toe-tipping in Python. I think with the completely lost sense of syntax that I have now, I could easily start from zero and learn a new language and have that language be my strongest.

I'm trying to move away from Java, and I'm kind of partial towards C++ and Python, but is there anything else I should look into? Opinions? Experiences?

Thanks to everypony for helping me get my brain back into gear. Any advice will be appreciated.

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