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Web Shockwave Flash stopped responding Google Chrome problem

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I hope I am posting this in right section.


For about a month already I am experiencing a problem with Shockwave flash on google chrome browser on both my PC and my laptop. It isn't serious, but gets very annoying, because this problem causes browser to freeze for a while and only thing I can do then is wait for a message about stopping Shockwave to pop up. 


I tried googling the issue, but only "solutions" I've found were utterly long and full of theory why it happened and in the end - confusing (they were not in polish, my first language). I don't want to know what caused it. Especially if it is essay-like text. I want to fix it. 


I improvised a bit myself. Turned it off in browser. Did not work. Reinstall - did not work neither. And here is, where I ran out of ideas. Eventually I've found that there might be two plugins which do same thing in google chrome and that causes the problem. There indeed were two installed. But removing one did not remove the problem.


So.. can anyone help? Just tell me how to fix it. I am honestly getting tired of that message.

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