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Drinks you dislike that everyone else likes?


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I'm very picky about what I eat and drink and I could provide an exhaustive list.  But for now I will just cite:


Tomato juice

Mountain Dew


Monster Energy drinks

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   American beer, it pales in comparison to European pilsner or lager, even Chinese Tsingtao and Japanese Aishi beer is better tasting, the first beer I ever had was in Munich during Oktoberfest, on my twenty first birthday, after I came home and tried American, I could taste a difference, and it was watered down, very bitter and too alcoholic, my favourite European beer was Carlsberg lager from Denmark. 

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- Dr. Pepper

  I don't know how you Americans can like this stuff. Blegh.


- Orange Fanta


- Sunkist


- Flavoured Water

  really popular in my school and I have no clue why


- Aloe Vera

  also really popular in my school


- Pepsi Max


- Mountain Dew


- White Wine

  I'll drink red wine anyday but white? NO.


And that's it. From what I can think of.

You guys?

I'm exactly the same, I hate all of those 'beverages' too, but I don't drink wine period.

Rum is for me.  :D

Yo ho ho and a some shots of rum.

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Gin is revolting


Tonic is just as revolting which is why it goes well with Gin


Sherry is vile


Hot Chocolate unless I add table spoons of the powder into the mug: made normally all I can taste is hot water


Coconut juice


Tomato juice: it’s nasty

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I'm weird, I am the most picky person when it comes to food but for drinks, almost anything will seem good. Most soda I tend to like. I'm probably the only person I know who likes both Coke and Pepsi.


If there was one drink I don't care for, it would be milk. Never wanted to drink it after I stopped drinking it out of the bottle.

Meh, I guess I'm also not a beer person. I'm not even old enough to drink and I don't plan on drinking when I turn 21. Well soda can be partially damaging to your body, beer can be extremely dangerous to your body. Plus, my step dad drinks beer, and I hate the smell of it.

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-Any tea- Everyone I know loves tea, but it honestly all tastes the same to me. Hot or cold.


-Mountain dew- SO MUCH PEOPLE OBSESS. I never loved it. Its alright...but....I prefer Coke or Pepsi


-Sierra mist- I dunno, I like Sprite better. Some people say they taste the same...but I always found Sprite tastier and sweeter.


-Beer- I've tried it and nearly puked. I don't get how people get into that....I like other alcohols..but...no beer thanks..


-Kool-aid- I actually don't like Kool-aid a whole lot. Even as a kid.


-Orange juice- The fruit is very yummy, but I HATE ORANGE JUICE. It tastes nothing like an actual orange and has always been so bitter to me, no matter WHAT type, company, etc.


-Strawberry milk- Lets face it....milk just does not need other flavors other than regular or chocolate....ICK!!!

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Some of you seem to be confused about the purpose of diet sodas.


Of course they taste like crap. You don't drink them because they taste good, you drink them because you have an oral fixation that makes you compulsively drink sodas all the time.

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  • Any kind of alcohol, unless it has a fruit flavor
  • All diet sodas, except for Mtn. Dew and Dr. Pepper sometimes


There are a couple drinks mentioned that I also want to respond to. I don't generally mind coffee, hot or cold, so long as its a flavor I enjoy or I can add a lot of sugar. I also don't mind Dr. Pepper by itself, only thing I don't like about it is how it burns some after a drink. I much prefer Pibb Xtra, which taste similar and doesn't have that burn.

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I don't dislike many drinks....but here's a couple.


~ Beer

~ Chai Tea

~Straight MIlk. (In cereal is fine, but I won't drink it by the glass full, unless it's chocolate milk)



Never seen these? Perhaps is because of the region you live in. :s




Ahh, I live in Canadaland. I haven't seen it around. 

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Various forms of alcohol, not only am I allergic, but a lot of it tastes gross


Vanilla Coke is nasty


Plain black tea


V8 and any form of veggie juice.


Health drinks


Energy drinks


Dr. Pepper


Strawberry soda tastes like medicine

I hate milk too, that crap is seriously gross on it's own.



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Corona tastes like piss and for some godforsaken reason it is the beer my dad and other family members always buys whenever we have parties or attend someone elses

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