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Queen Sparkle

Regarding Warning Points and Emoticons

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Hello today I would like to discuss about emoticons and warning points first let's go to the warning points.


Warning Points:

I have noticed around here even subjecting myself had made mistakes and might've even tried to cover it up but undoubtedly failed and had warning points put on them for a permanent time even after the time that the warning points go away however I read a post like this in the past and I mortally agree on it a person might've accidently got warning points and appealed to the staff about it however the warning points stay on a permanent record and the reason why they couldn't remove warning points is because they'd have to go into the system manually and remove the points when a member would get there points removed well I'm sorry to say but that answer doesn't cut it for me, I mean you admins and mods are quite powerful and could pitch the idea to coders I would say you could do that since your entire website had been built from scratch so why can't you try making a program that removes it for you.



Now here's my part on emoticons a member can make there own emoticons maybe even more they'll be able to make as many as they want and I need no yada yada yada about the database on this a member should be able to add their emoticons to their advantage and if they abuse it with NSFW emoticons you can suspend them can't you.


Well that's my case see ya all later.

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After all the recent hoo haw about hackers, I can see where they'd hesitate to let strangers upload files onto their system.  As to wanting them, when I was young electric typewriters were considered cutting edge & I was an adult w a receding hairline when people started typing in emoticons.  They were Too Cool For The Masses :-)  Yeah, well, the cutting edge slices & having sliced moves on.  Not enough emoticons?!  The horror, the horror! I know it hurts, but be a brave little Brony,  & IMO someday you will smile again! B)

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The OP appears to be a response to an Administrators recent explanation about the warning system.


How many coders do you think we have?


The technical team's time is unfortunately not infinite. Heck, my IRL job is based around directing a fairly robust team of programmers and developers, who are paid, and who are career driven. Even we can't do everything our clients request. MLP Forums is staffed by volunteers. Volunteers do not stay long if they are treated in a manner that is unappreciative of their talents.


The framework of IPB is limited. The warning system itself has remained fairly static for some time now. I'm sorry the answer of waiting until some undefined part in the future doesn't appeal to you. However that is where we stand at present.


As far as emotes, there are similar functional limitations with the software. File system access is going to remain limited, and likely always will outside of the attachment system.


I have an emote library suggestion that may be implementable on another forum software, but vetting of emotes to ensure stylistic integrity with theme is important. That will always be a consideration. Right now Obsidian Sky is the one member who is currently able to replicate the same style and design we currently use. Some of his have been placed permenantly as options.


You can always image or attach the custom emotes. That's what I have done





It is important to close this post by pointing out that this website was not built from scratch by us. It is based on IPB Forum software. While the development team has been adept at crafting custom elements in both the front end and back end, it everything done still has to be compatible with the software company's code/framework.

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