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Which pony cheers you up the most?

~Sugar Sprinkles~

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It's a tie between Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity



Rarity's dramatic scenes are always a joy to watch.

Fluttershy is the cutest FRICKIN pony out of the mane 6. Sometimes I get annoyed when she overreacts in a bad way, but other than that...I just...love her

Pinkie Pie: okay she makes me laugh, she breaks the fourth wall like a pro...and whenever I'm in the dumps, all I have to do is listen to "Smile Smile Smile" and I'm good. Like seriously, I'll never get enough of Pinkie and that song

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1) Celestia - She's so awesome and regal, yet also has the kind of calming nature that puts everypony at ease. And she's a bit of a troll as well :)


2) Luna - Like Celestia, but more towards the cute side (not saying that makes her better than Celestia, Celestia is more calming).


3) Rainbow Dash - How can I NOT be cheerful, with her by my side and making sure I don't give up? :)


4) Pinkie Pie - Because she will keep saying silly/random things until I cheer up :)

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Sunset Shimmer. Ever since RR she's been pretty much my favorite character and I like all the character development she's had since she was nothing more than a cardboard cutout villain.

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Pinkie Pie. Was there any other option?(Of course, im kidding.)


She is just an awesome pony, and her cheerfulness is contagious as a helpful plague. Love her character.


I cannot remember I've posted this before...

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