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And now that I have your attention, continue reading onwards!

As an artwork commissioner, collector and community runner all balled into one, one of the ongoing things I do is work with artists to create artworks. As a non-artist, this means I provide artists with the means by which they gain extra exposure and feedback in return for their help in bringing artworks to life. For those that know me, that means MyLittleBButtons! :D

I'm looking for artists who'd be interested in doing promotional collaboration work with me for the trend that this community promotes. These collaborations would be casual, non-obligatory, for-fun artwork projects consisting of one or more (artist preference) artworks over a period of time. I will broach ideas to the artist, we will bounce back and forth with the ideas, and the artist will create the artwork(s) once we agree on a concept that'd be cool.

  • Through MLBB, these custom-made group artworks will be shown off in the group's high-traffic custom artwork folder.
  • Additionally, collab projects that consist of more than two artworks will recieve their own dedicated subfolder.

* To clarify, there are no DeviantART Points or real money involved. These are not commissions, they're collabs for fun. Artists who are on board with this should be looking for an excuse to practice their drawing skills, while having fun and getting free, guaranteed exposure for the work they're creating, in the process.


* I'd prefer any artist that considers working on some fun collab artwork with me, have a DeviantART account.


* Please note that there are limited staff on MLBB, and we do not have the luxury of forming and executing collab projects with every artist that's interested. Regrettably, there will be elements of picking and choosing based on quality and other factors.


You can read the original article blog of this over on my DA, which includes extra info.

If you're an artist who's looking for opportunities to gain extra exposure while practicing your drawing, leave a comment or send me a private message!

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I would be interested in some fun art/practice/learning experience collabs, Link to my deviant art is in my signature  :)

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Whoa, between three here and six on DeviantART, that's nine artists jumping at the bit already. I was not expecting this xD


I've added a not-so-fun but all-too-realistic subnote about amount of collabs the group will be able to do at one time. Rest assured I will send notes to artists that the group would be interested in at least doing a single artwork collab with, if not an on-going project. The most important thing though is commenting here so that we know you're interested ^^ Thanks so far for the feedback, guys!

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