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Hello everypony, how many of you ever collect those gross funny gory cards back from the 80's and beyond? 

                                                                                                                                                                                              Yes i'm talking about the Garbage Pail Kids cards that used to only cost a quarter a piece with 8 stickers and a piece of gum! I'm sure you remember later Topps Card company had to change the cards later on because they got sued over gory versions of the cabbage patch dolls. Now to refresh your memories here's ones you have probably heard of ?  Bony Tony, Nasty Nick, Alli-Gator, and  Adam Bomb!  


 So tell me which ones you collect and which ones you liked the most ?

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I consider myself an expert on these. Even since my seven year old self first saw them in a convenience store in Philly, wrapped in the bright pink 'Series 1' wax wrapper, all the way through to the mid 2000's revival - I've been a fan of John Pound's artwork. I still have some. :)




Be mindful that more than a handful of cards from the GPK series of stickers are still inappropriate for this site. 

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