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Why is it so so so so hard to " love and tolerate"?

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thanks and you too,    i giot Bronies doc   when it was a digital file a while back.....  no longer remember the user name  and have forgotten the password, to re download        giot a new computer   old hard drive crashed    and didnt have a back up  of that file :(      but  i watched that doc  back when i was questioning even becoming a brony 

just saw rainbow rocks    and im even  more hooked 

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There are certain boundaries and assumptions society makes in order to function. Without them, it would be social anarchy. If you cross this boundary, you are alienated, and this can apply to anything. Ranging from things that are still seriously condemned by society today (pedophile, murderer, whore) to boundaries that have since been torn down (homosexuality, exchanging slurs about your liege, letting your wife push you around).


In society, these boundaries are erected (relatively recently, pedophiliac) and torn down (recently, homosexuality) all the time. It is to be expected. It's deep-rooted in society that you wouldn't expect a man to perform the activities attributed to a girl, similarly as to how you wouldn't expect a cat to perform the activities attributed to an owl. There's nothing particularly vile or shocking about the slurs thrown at bronies, it's just that these are boundaries that we are quite recently attempting to cross. Whether we will simply harden the wall or knock it down and whether it should be knocked down at all or not etc is another debate.


Consider it the great challenge of your time!

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