"The show song ids field is required"... HELP!

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So I'll try to be brief since there's December 24th and I do not want to bother the pony.fm staff.

First, I'm FINALLY able to upload music thumbnails (after 6months+ waining for this fix, and truth to be told, I kinda gave up about uploading music to pony.fm because of glitch).

But now, there's another problem... :okiedokielokie:

And the problem is actually this topic's tittle.
I'll try to explain what happened:

So, to be able to upload a different picture, other than my default picture (my lovebird parrot flying), I had to go to the setting of the music to change the cover art (because I had that freaking "The show song ids field is required" error message) because It wont change to "remix of official song"

Now I've upload the picture with the song as "original song", I'm trying to save the settings again as "remix of official song", but still, It's showing that "The show song ids field is required".

I have hopes to re-use pony.fm as a song cloud on the Internet for pony music stuff... But seriously, it's starting to be frustrating that kind of errors...

I'm going try other ways without deleting the song (HELL NO), but yet, hope you guys can help me.

My desktop:

Windows 7 Ultimate
Mozilla Firefox 35

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Eeyup, I stumbled upon the same problem today. I did upload music files before and everything was working just fine.

Now if you choose "remix of official song" and select the proper song from the show you would not be able to save changes anymore because of "The show song ids field is required".


Please, anypony, help. Fix this glitch. :(

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