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Connecting the Generations

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I have been thinking and I did some digging. I looked everywhere for an answer but could not find one. So, I decided to make my own.


I think I might have a theory of how all the generations of MLP are ACTUALLY a timeline.


Yeah, that's right, a timeline.


I'm pretty sure many of you are giving this thread a weird and doubtful look, but hear me out.


Generation one has a fantasy feel to it and features humans. Yes, humans were once apart of the same world as the ponies, but something must have happened to them.


You might all think that this is impossible and that humans were never in their world, but it actually isn't. Think about it. The humans could have been apart of the pony world for as long as they have been there, but many of the creatures their need food to survive. Seeing as this is a fantasy world with mythological creatures, the humans could have been killed off. Or some incurable disease wiped them out. The humans disappearing is a huge mystery. Maybe they are still around. Maybe they are not.


Generation two has a more modern feel to it. The ponies in this act and behave much like humans do in our world. Complete with houses that look like ours, cars, and electricity. Their cities and towns are built much like our own. It is possible for the humans to have been around to help urbanize the ponies and themselves. Then after that, they might have died out, or just simply moved on to a different location.


Generation three picks up right after generation two. The layout is much the same as the previous generation, with a few add-on's here and there. And some stuff taken away. So this one doesn't need much explanation. The only thing I have for this one is the lack of pegisi and unicorns. Yes, they are in this one, but not as much as the previous and the next.


What happened between generation three and four takes a turn for the worse. Seeing as how the unicorn and pegisi population was on a decline, the earth ponies rose in influence and power. The latter two could not handle being under the rule of earth ponies and left. Leaving the once proud and beautiful cities and towns to crumble. Without the magic of the unicorns, the earth ponies were unable to repair the building or manufacture other materials. This caused the ponies to revert back to much simpler times. One where there was no electricity, no cars or big buildings.


This is where generation four comes into play.


The next and final generation (so far), Generation four. This one takes time between the two before it takes place. We already know that the three tribes on ponies came together after much hate and founded Equestria. Its the time before all this. The time where all pony population was declining. Coming to the verge of extinction. With only a few hundred from each tribe remained. After centuries of not contacting each other, the world shifts off balance. Harmony is at a loss and the pony tribes come together for an agreement. This is where the Hearths Warming Story picks up and is spoken from generation to generation.




But hey! Its just a theory!




Thanks for taking your time to read this post. Let me know if you agree or disagree with this and tell me why. Post them in the comments below!!

By the way, Merry Christmas!

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There is a timeline thread up in show discussions that gets into this a little bit.  Called the G1 ponies "The Mythical Age".  Also saw a pretty good fanfic "History Repeats Itself" with an older Megan (suffering PTSD) summoned back to help the G4 ponies deal w a crisis.


A number of threads get into the idea that Discord caused a collapse of civilization in EQ.  Like the collapse of the Roman Empire IRL, only more so.

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This thread appears to be related to the My Little Pony franchise and/or the Bronydom in general. Thus, it has been sentenced to Sugarcube Corner.


I also wanted to add that this is an intriguing idea and one that's been attempted across numerous fictional franchises.  For instance, some fans try to connect or sequence events in the Transformers multiverse into a single or at least fewer continuities.  But it always runs into big contradictions and causality issues.  I personally tried to combine the G1 cartoon and the first 50 or so issues of the comic and I really had to twist some things to make it fit and cut out a few other things altogether.  :derp: 

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 Also saw a pretty good fanfic "History Repeats Itself" with an older Megan (suffering PTSD) summoned back to help the G4 ponies deal w a crisis.

Do you have a link to this fanfic? It sounds pretty interesting :)

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