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Not entirely sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'll try it out anyway.


To those that are unfamiliar with the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, the games are about the player- ie, you- taking on the form of a Pokémon that matches with your personality and waking up in a world inhabited only by Pokémon. Throughout each game, you are helped by your friend (the first Pokémon you see, who you choose from a selection of them) and gradually, your reason for appearing in the Pokémon world is explained.


What I'm asking is, what would your adventure be like if this happened to you and you entered the world of ponies instead? This can be in a parallel world to the FiM one, so feel free to modify its timeline if you want (e.g. changing how Nightmare Moon is defeated or how Fluttershy met Rainbow Dash) ;) Here's some things you could think about for this:


~who would I be? (OC or character?)

~what would my cutie mark be? (would it relate to your purpose in that world?)

~who would I want as my main partner? (OC or character?) How do you become friends?

~would you be honest about being a human?

~what would you two do?

~what would your relationship develop into? Best friends... more than friends? ;)

~who would you encounter along the way? What kind of friends and enemies would you make?

~why were you put into this world?


and, most of all,


~once you've fulfilled your purpose, would you stay in the pony world or not?


-and so on. If you have any other thoughts, feel free to give them :)


In my case, I guess I'd probably be Fluttershy (very similar personality to her) and have Twilight as my partner since she's my second favourite pony, and her library would probably have something on prophecies like dimension travellers (ie, me). I wouldn't say at first that I'm really a human, I'd want to earn her trust first and get a better idea of what's going on. As for what we'd do, Twilight would have some research to do that involves travelling into dangerous locations, and I'd follow her... reluctantly :P


Edit: had some more to think... in regards to whether I'd leave that world after fulfilling my purpose or staying, I'd most likely stay. There just seems to be more contributions possible to make there, as opposed to this world where, at times, very little seems to go on around me at all.


What are your ideas? :)

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As this doesn't have much to do with the show itself, I moved it to Sugarcube Corner where it should get the proper attention.


Thank you and have a good day. :)

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*lightning strikes, followed by evil laughter*




(Totally didn't steal that from somepony else XD) *a-ahem*


Well, if I were to adventure in Equestria, I'd want to do so as my own OC, Hocus. Of course I'd try to befriend my friend's OCs if they're there, and if not, I'd go to Celestia herself and admit to being a human. If anypony would know why a human would be summoned to Equestria, it would be her, and she could direct me from there as well as hook me up with any resources I may need to succeed in whatever my quest would be.


As for WHAT exactly the quest would be... hmmm.... Well, they say the Hateful Spirit of NIghtmare Moon still haunts the old castle, perhaps its found a way to manifest on its own and is attacking Equestria, maybe the strange combination of events that would even be seen as supernatural by Equestria's standard would cause a anomaly that sent me to Equestria, and it would be my destiny to rise up and defeat Nightmare Moon!


Once my quest was completed I'd have to go back tot he human world... I have so many friends here, and I couldn't just dissapear on them without a word.... but I'd still have made many friends in Equestria as well, and I'd do anything I could to keep access open to their world so I can still visit them.

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I like the pokemon mystery dungeon games! My fanfiction is similar to this idea if I was turned into a pony. I would be honest about being a human, even if the ponies don't fully understand what a human is. Of course, who wouldn't want to befriend the mane 6 but I would also want to find my own place in pony society as well. My OC's cutie mark, a silver magnet, kinda goes along my character trying to seek out her place in life and attract the friendships that she would like to have in her life.

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