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Searching Bloodlines (SoL/Dark Mystery RP) [Still Recruiting] Now With Updated OOC!

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​Roleplay Link: Bloodlines
The Premise:
Congratulations Peasant,

You have been selected to stay at Bloodwell resort, a majestic mountainside town with a flavorful history. You will get the once in a lifetime chance to experience the finest in dining, wine tasting, live plays, and outdoor sporting activities. You have already been booked and there are no expenses. Everything is covered, because I, Prince Blueblood, am a gracious host. I look forward to your words of praise for my newest resort.

-Prince Blueblood

By Royal Mandate, if you have opened and read this letter, you are obligated to attend. If you refuse or otherwise do not attend then you shall be imprisoned for no less than two years. Such is my will.


Your character has recieved a letter in the mail. It's.. From royalty?! But what could they possibly want you for? What a pleasant surprise. That fine print is somewhat ominous though, better make sure you get there on time!

Prince Blueblood has invited you to experience his newly opened resort. It is in an old town called Bloodwell. Nopony you ask really seems to know anything about this place, those few who have heard about it, know only that it's quite a distance away from any other place, and is well isolated. Seems fitting for a resort built by royalty. Where else would be better to get away from the general public of Equestria?

There is one saying that is applicable though. All small towns have their dark and dirty secrets. Bloodwell is certainly no exception to this.


The Story so far (Accurate to Page 15)

All the guests have arrived at the resort and have either checked in at the hotel or have had their belongings brought to a room for them while they explored the town. Currently the RP is nearing the end of the first day, all guests are to attend a dinner party hosted in the large mansion. The dinner is currently underway. Due to an apparently sick Prince, only four residents are able to attend the party: Gemma and Lapis have introduced themselves and their daughters.

Bloodlines Reboot RP OOC/application thread
Applications are open, please read through the OOC carefully.
Applications are closed

Please post:

  • Your OC's name.
  • A link to their profile.
  • If you have been in any roleplays before this it would be awesome if you could link them so that 
  • An inventory list of what they are bringing to the resort.
  • Any possible hobbies or special knowledge that the OC would know that most ponies would not. In the last Roleplay, we had a pony that sold her brother's fireworks for a living. She had a working knowledge of fireworks (therefore small explosives), had some mechanical skills, and could be persuasive. We'll use this knowledge to try and tailor events so that your OC can be useful in certain situations or puzzles.

**We ask that you please read the rules before applying, just because it may be important in which of your characters you choose to apply with.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We'll get back to you asap.


--No overpowered abilities. Keeping it fair for everyone, and better for the story as well.

--No alicorns or OP characters See above (for the story's sake, they're too overpowered for this RP)
--OOC should stay in this thread if possible, unless it's something short that directly pertains to the current event you're describing, and would be better as a footnote under your post.
--Keep it canon as much as possible.
--We would prefer you to use non-combat oriented OC's, though if your OC is an Officer of the Law or a low-ranking guard that is fine.
--Be reliable, and only join if you know you're going to keep playing. (We put tons of time into this story, seeing it conclude would be really awesome, but we need your help to do it!)
--Have fun with it! (we hope you do!)

--You may have more than one character.

--Even small posts are better than no posts, if you don't have the time to write a longer post, just a paragraph or two to keep the RP moving would help immensely.

Things you need to be aware of:

  • This RP will be slower paced than most. This Roleplay is going to be Slice of Life/mystery for much of the story, so expect it to be a little less action-y until later on.
  • Death is very possible, so be wary of your choices in game, they could come back to bite, or help you later on.
  • This roleplay will be heavily situational, meaning what you and your party choose to do/say may affect the direction of the story. We have multiple outcomes planned for the ending, some good, some not so good. Whichever ending you get to will be entirely based on the choices you make in the story as you go.

DM- SilverHeart, -Playing npc characters.

We may update this more later on. (add a bit more detail and new locations)


Golbez as Cherry Bomb
FortyTwo42 as Aero Wind and Shadowhide

The Elusive Cinder as Emerald Gaze

Magos Amphrose as Lilith Crow

Emerald Bolt as Summer Sun Cloud

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@, @@Golbez, @@Hederik, @@Lume WMj, @@FortyTwo42, @@The Elusive Cinder, @,   This is just an update.   I*'m sorry I haven't been posting. First I was waiting for everyone to respond before I wrote

@,   It's okay. Just do your best. When I first began roleplaying here, there were times I could barely match the minimum 200 character requirement. Actually now that I'm thinking about it I'm prett

Indeed: I can't remember whether I actually established this earlier or not, but Emerald is quite fond of wine.   I like the stuff but I'm hardly an expert - I just like to do a little research to

Posted Images

I didn't get a notif from the mention, but luckily I refreshed the front page after this was posted, so I saw it in the new thread panel. Pretty nice timing, seeing as I check the forums maybe every other day.


Might be interested. I'll throw a character together later today, when I'm less busy.

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Here's the complete application. <3


Not gonna lie. This sounds super fun. Never done an RP like this before. I'd love to sign up with my OC, Bittersweet. She'd probably fit in well with the rules of the RP. 




Name: Bittersweet


Dossier / Bio: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/bittersweet-r7667


Previous RP Experience: I PM'd you examples.



A whole assortment of alchemy related materials including...

  • Mortar and pestle
  • A variety of flasks and tubing for alchemy
  • Some basic herbs and ingredients
  • A matchbox 
  • A small cutting knife for gathering and cutting ingredients

Along with this Bittersweet will also bring some basic elixirs, tonics and other brews for basic medical needs such as headaches, stomach aches, etc.


Aside from that she'll probably bring a few spare bow-ties just in case of an emergency. 


Hobbies: Bittersweet loves alchemy. Using herbs and other ingredients she can make a brew for nearly everything, given the correct materials that is. She also has a really strong knowledge of flora. She has a very decent knowledge of diagnostic medicine, being an apothecary and all. 

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@@SilverHeart@Midnight Scribbler

I'm really glad that this thread is getting another go, anyhoo, here's my application 

Tbh, I think I already see a few familiar faces, nice to see you guys again :)



Name: Cherry Bomb 


OC Profile Link: http://mlpforums.com/page/eqw-characters/_/approved/cherry-bomb-r104


Previous Rp threads:A Pleasant Surprise

                                     Meetings at the Throne Room

                                     Nightmare Night


Inventory: Various costumes, Make-up, Unicycle, Various small props for use for entertainment, i.e/ Juggling balls, rubber chicken, etc, Stuffed bunny toy.



Professional acrobat, clown, dancer, comedian.

Knows basic first aid for those "little accidents".

Use of cream pies has earned her a good throwing hoof and aim.

Tendency to play pranks on unsuspecting ponies.

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Well so far so good. We'll let you know once Scribbler can take a look and we have time to discuss your OC. In the meantime, if you could send those reference posts that would be great, it would help speed up our decision. If they were in 1x1's or were private, you can just PM it to the both of us. Don't forget to add the inventory list and any howbbies/special knowledge that Bittersweet would know thatmost ponies wouldn't.




 Your application is fine with me, once Scribbler throws in his opinion we'll let you know.

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Could I join in? I've got a character who fits the criteria perfectly ^^



Links to verify my experience:


Inventory is a suitcase of clothes (not that she needs them, but sometimes it's nice to dress up), a bottle of Irish Cream or whatever the pony version is, 3 of her favourite books, and around 100-ish bits to spend.


Hobbies and special knowledge includes:


Mixing drinks

She's been in a few barfights, so she learned to be resourceful with whatever was available to her.


Hope it's good enough ^^

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Hey Silverheart, been a while.


Anyway this looks very interesting so it might be fun. I've been dragging my heels if a few RPs I've been in . But now I'm trying to get back into it , but the ones that I'm I in are at a standstill now. So I'll have lot off time to be active in this one, If you let me in of course.


And If you do I'd like to use my OC Bayonet/Shivty.


You were in a RP with me so you know my skill, And I like to think I got a little bit better since then.

But of you need some more to go on I'll dig up a few links of RPs I'm in or was in.


She'll be bringing a large saddlebag that holds some food, a large water bladder, four flasks, a bottle of Germane whiskey, a survival knife and a extra pare of glasses.






Bayonet: forging, sewing, knitting, cooking and reading.

 Shivty: drinking, fighting, sometimes flirting.




Bayonet: blacksmithing, Not just blades but other things as well, and cause of that she knows pretty much everything about weaknesses and strengths of everything that is made out of metal. She also knows a little bit of chemistry.Also cause of her years of being a master blacksmith she built up a good bit of strength. She also knows how to fight with a blade or hammer.


Shivty:  Cause of her many, many years of war and conflict, she learned how to fight in many ways.


Even though Shivty may be immortal, Bayonet is not. So if Shivty dies so dose she. And Shivty is now a normal earth pony, she has no powers of any kind. 


Just wanted to clarify so you wont think she's OP.

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For everyone that has submitted a character, Midnight Scribbler and I are discussing them and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Hey, @@Gloomfury


Since I'm not the only one that has to approve your character, it would be great if you could still provide those references, especially if you have improved since the last time we played together. Thanks. 

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Alrighty then.


Here's one I'm doing with my Other OCs Malachi and Gloom: http://mlpforums.com/topic/116045-accepting-equestria-1955/


Here's a on on one I'm doing with my new OC Mezra Umbra: http://mlpforums.com/topic/113952-lightness-from-the-dark/


And here's older one I did with my OC Rag Stitch: http://mlpforums.com/topic/105678-life-in-equestria/


And if anyone is interested  we could use more people in  Equestria: 1955.

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We're looking at maybe 8 max, but allowing for 2 OC's per player, due to the nature of the game.



Mirror and I have both looked over your stuff. I don't know if your OC's are really what we're looking for unfortunately. We need less combat oriented OC's. That said, if you have an OC that's more SOL style, and less combat oriented, we'll take a look over it.


Guys, I can't wait. Feeeel the hype. Mirror and I have worked a lot on this one, I really hope everyone gets to see this one through to the end. Last time it kind of puttered along and died, but this time we're going to have every angle covered for maximum horror mystery goodness.


*hype intensifies*




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@@Midnight Scribbler,


Actually Bayonet/Shivty isn't combat oriented. They just know how to fight. I made her mostly for SoL RPs. So theere pretty much wont be any fighting at all. They just have a knife cause thy camp a lot while they wonder around. I can get rid of it if you want. I really want to do an RP with her, I havent used her for a while. 

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I decided! Emerald, I will resubmit!


Uh, do you mind if I take liberties and dont link you roleplays, since the two of you were kind of integral to my biggest anyway? :P




Skills include:

Charisma and coercion, Diplomacy, Knowledge of nobility, family ties and their histories. She's also a paranoid and highly alert individual with a special knack for getting others to trust her. Her magic is focused of emotional manipulation.


Inventory includes:

- Jewelry

- Approximatly 300 bits

- Ebony hair pins, with sharp points and steel cored (pictured on her page)

- A case containing more jewelry, a dark cloak and three sets of identification papers, under three different names.



Her 'general use' magic is weak, but she is more physically capable than her frame might suggest.


Using powerful or sustained magic leaves her horn glowing for up to several minutes after the spell is used: she doesn't understand why, and is terrifically embarrassed by this.


Goes by various aliases while dealing with diplomatic and subterfuge work for royalty, including the shadowy 'Jade Heart'.


She's also particually fond of Wine, though isn't particually good at holding her alcohol.

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Het silver heart, midnight scribbler.


I remember signing up for this RP last time, but I was quite a bit too late. I'm going to make sure I'm early this time. Just letting you know now that I'm very interested, and I'll be making my application soon.


It all sounds like a really cool concept that I'd love to be a part of. It's been a while since I've been active on the forums, but this RP gives me motivation again :)

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@@Scribblegroove,@@Concerto Dusk, @@Evilshy,


We'll be looking forward to your applications. 



You've been accepted!


We're aiming for about six characters before we start this RP. Hopefully that will happen soner rather than later. 



Ugh. Sorry, I totally forgot to tell you you're accepted. Though I doubt you were exactly worried about that. 

Edited by SilverHeart
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Had a thing typed up last night, then the 504 errors started so I couldn't post it. I have it saved on my computer, but I'm on my phone right now so I'll repost in a bit.

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Had a thing typed up last night, then the 504 errors started so I couldn't post it. I have it saved on my computer, but I'm on my phone right now so I'll repost in a bit.

Oh yeah that happened to me too. I was writing a post for a 1x1. Took forever for the 504's to stop.

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Here's Belinda, should be a bit more normal and suited to this RP (i.e. I removed all the grimdark and tongue-in-cheek 2edgy4me stuff from the original Evilshy).



Ophelia's bag
Some snake food (for when Ophelia can't get any prey)
~100 bits
A dark grey coat and scarf
A book of whatever the pony equivalent of Edgar Allan Poe is

Knowledge of animal care and such.

Specific to this RP: She doesn't want to go, but figures it can't be worse than 2 years in prison.

EDIT: formatting OP


EDIT EDIT: updated OC

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Right, so here it is:




Room for rent

That shrinking feeling

When hearts grow cold

The Mysterious Temple



Saddlebags filled with lined music paper, some of them written upon, some of them empty

His own writing equipment

A rather ugly, but very warm and comfy grey scarf.



Scribblegroove doesn't have a very wide variety of spells he can cast, but he does have a decent amount of knowledge on all branches of magic. He'll know how to recognise most spells as they are cast, and has the ability to detect magic if he concentrates (so he will not passively feel a spell being cast).


Though Scribblegroove is a mucisian, he has protected himself in previous adventures with raw sonic blasts. Casting these kind of devastating soundwaves is exhausting for Scribblegroove, and will give him a severe migraine for several days. Casting it more than once a day will usually cause him to faint, leaving him with a small concussion.


When Scribblegroove arrives he will have a minor case of pneumonia and flu. He is sick, and if he is unlucky he will get even sicker, or perhaps pass his sickness on to other attendees (this is by no means nescesary, just thought this would be interesting. If you do not want this I don't mind at all :) )

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The thing with your OCs is that they do know how to fight, which makes them less suited for this story. I can't exactly say why, because spoilers, but there is very good reason behind this. If you have a less combat experienced OC, that would be preferable. I'll throw you a PM and we can work something out if you don't have any other options though.



Good to see you back for round 2 Cinder! :squee:

Also good to see you back Evilshy. I'll be sending you a PM regarding your OC soon. Silver and I want to go over it with you first.

Good stuff. Your OC checks out on the style of character for sure. Though I must admit, it's a bit of an odd mix of skill sets. Researcher of magic/musician.
We're settled on your OC though, you're in for the game. Mirror will add you to the list soon.

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