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Symphonic music is the best music. I'm not talking about movie scores and stuff like that, I'm talking about the real stuff. Tchaikovsky, Bernstein, and even Beethoven are the ones I like.

call of doodee is teh most ogreratd vidya gaim evr!1 >=((((((((((

So if you have an unpopular opinion then we have a thread for that   here >> http://mlpforums.com/topic/27231-post-your-unpopular-opinions/   If you have an opinion that isn’t really fittin

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  • The Borderlands games, with the exception of Pre-Sequel, are all great games. Even if 3's story is very meh especially at the very end, the gameplay of 3 is the best in the franchise so...
  • To be honest, I'd never ever consider being born earlier than I was. There were a lot of very barbaric things about society even just decades ago (some of them still remain today). After I was, though, I consider that a lot.
  • The Harry Potter Movies are way better than the books. 
  • Most consoles since the days of the Xbox 360/PS3 have been bad. :dry:
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 is a masterpiece and in fact a huge part of the reason Dusknoir is my favorite pokemon (yep) is that as a villain Dusknoir was fantastic.
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  • There is no good or evil. Only self interest.
  • Apple as a corporation is absolute garbage.
  • Windows is absolute garbage but I still use it since I don't know how to use Linux.
  • I wish I could move to another state or something at some point, likely in the South or the Midwest, or Maine.
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