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What month did you join the herd?  

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Yes, I know, Equestria Daily already did it, but this is a different community, so it'd just be a little something interesting! Self explanatory, what month did you officially become a Brony? I can't remember exactly when I did, but I'm thinking it was somewhere around May.

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Sometime in February probably. The first episode I had to wait for was Sonic Rainboom. Then a lot later during summer I started actually interacting with the community.

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I became a brony in March. I had seen a few reaction pics that featured ponies on Funnyjunk and wondered why. Then I saw the KYM page and read a bit on it. I have been an internet meme buff for a while, so I understood why it was so popular. After that I watched the "Ponycraft 2" video and got a small glimpse of the show. It looked amazing! So I watched the first 2 episodes and well, the rest is history.

I remember the first episode I saw live was "Over a Barrel." I had watched everything up until then, and was very happy with it. I love this show very much and the great fandom is a bonus!

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I honestly can't remember when I joined the herd. There was still a few episodes that hadn't premeried yet, like Cutie Mark Chronicles (maybe the one before that). I think that was around April or May, but I am not sure. 3DS Forums converted me to Bronydom.

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I watched the first 2 eps in May on a suggestion by a friend. Thought "meh, it's pretty alright." Took a few weeks off until I had a weekend to myself. Marathoned the remaining 24 eps the first weekend of June. Boom, Brony'd.

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I watched this show the first time in July, and then just fell in love with it! similar to the comic/pic shown above.

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I first heard about it in March from the Minecraft Forums after seeing about 30 pony avatars and deciding to pay the thread a visit. I'm not sure why, but I was very willing to give the show a shot, and watched the pilot. I wanted to not like it, but... I couldn't stop. After that, I watched an episode every day. By the time I caught up, The Cutie Mark Chronicles was about to premier and I had a full understanding of why the show was so awesome.

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TBH, I have no ideal. At first I was like, 'PFT, My Little Pony. I was into that before these jokers. And then I cut their hair off.'


And then I learned that it was actually a new show. And I was like, "well what the heck, I don't watch anything but kids' programming anyways."


And I lurved it.


And then my dad became a brony. Though I don't think he quite knows what a brony is. But I've caught him singing the theme song. It's like brony-hood by osmosis.

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I became a brony in March. A forum I was on was having a pony vs mechas war. I wondered why the forum was going crazy over these ponies, then started hearing about how awesome it was. So I checked it out.


The rest is history.

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Uhh, mid-February was when I started watching the show.

The reason I started watching was partially due to the hype and partially due to the fact I already followed Faust on Deviantart.

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I joined the herd in April. A friend of mine that I followed on tumblr kept posting fanart of MLP and eventually I got curious enough to check it out. I then watched about an episode a day (I forced myself to pace myself) and then here I am today!

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I joined in August Thx to Kurtiss on the 3ds forums I was always on the chatbox and Kurtiss would come up say something about ponies then leave and after that I checked the thread on it then I watched the show and the rest is how you can guess it. This show is awesome.

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