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I said I was a brony in september, but that's when I started noticing equestria daily and what the word "brony" meant. I was a fan of the show (but just the show) since early January!

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Back some time in late August :3



I remember when I started school i was awaiting for season 2, and I had already finished all of season 1, even though school started maybe a week after I started watching MLP o3o

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Intresting story that... It all started when it came out, for no aparent reason, that one of my friends wached Digimon. That led to an other of my friends revieling he wached MLP on saturday nights when he was bored. He was instantly crowned Brony, and not in a good way. I took his side, caus I felt kinda bad for him being caled brony. The next weekend I had a marathon of all 30 episodes out at the time, then I was hooked.

Oddly enough, I read Cupcakes before I wached even one episode of the show... That may be a reason behind why I like MLP so much, but probably not. It did give me a wierd first impresion of MLP though, for better or for worse.

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This one's funny.


Square Enix called their return of chocobo's in FINAL FANTASY XIV 'My Little Chocobo'. After this players began to flame SE....


I had to understand why SE was being attacked for this so I researched the source. And here I am, lol.

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Someone on another forum posted a link to the first episode of FiM. I liked it, and decided to watch it.

A few weeks later, I noticed a certain correlation between people I liked and bronies. Then I noticed another correlation between "Internet tough guys/girls" and critics.

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It would of been around mid August when my friend showed me My Little Pony, and at first I didn't think much of it. I started watching more of it, giving it a chance. And in September I openly admitted I was a brony.

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I would technically be a pegasister, right? Feels more appropriate for a girl than brony, but whatever term you wanna use. I'm a fan, 'nuff said.


I got into this stuff about two months or so. I remember seeing ponies pop up on the internet, so I Wikied the show and read about its memes and huge male fanbase. I was curious to see what was so magical about the show. I never was a My Little Pony girl growing up, but I am an open-minded individual. I have to give something a chance before I write it off. So one day I was looking for something to watch on TV when I stumbled across The Hub. FiM was on, and I thought, well, why not?


I was a few minutes late in getting into it, but the episode was Bridle Gossip. I instantly got into it. It sucked me into it like a vortex. It was colorful, and the characters were so charming. I always like stories where characters become altered in some way, so it felt really classic. It was great to see a girls show of any sort feature characters with actual personalities.


And then later that day, I believe Fall Weather Friends came on. I convinced my brother to watch it with me, explaining to him this wonderful phenomenon. He was very not comfortable with it at first, but it was just my luck that Fall Weather Friends is such a guy friendly episode compared to some others. He enjoyed it, and ended up admitting he liked Rainbow Dash. And since that day, I have followed the show religiously, and I am not afraid to admit it to anyone. Though, being a girl, it is easier to come clean about it. That's why I respect all the male fans out there who feel no shame in expressing their love for it.

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About a month ago. A friend and I made jokes about the new Brony fad and we agreed that I should review it on my blog as a joke. :P


I went in feeling really skeptical at first but then I came back to my friend who complained about me spamming on Tumblr a bunch of pony goodness! :wub:


Just goes to show that even the most skeptical people can become Bronies if they just give it a chance!


(I have yet to convert him. Perhaps after the review!)


Im actually not really a brony. I like mlp but im not so far in it that I am one.


Well I can see what you mean here I suppose. The title "Brony" has many definitions. For most people here it's defined as simply liking the show. However in other communities "Brony" can mean a lot of things, most definitions are not good definitions that often stereotype "Bronies" as man-children, homosexuals. or even worse Pony Rule 34 Fetishists! :blush:

If only people could see that we are a culture that shouldn't be ridiculed. :(

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Haha! I love reading all these, there pretty amazing stories. Anyways, Back in August, I saw this trending on knowyourmeme.com and watched about 5 minutes of the pilot before thinking, "wow what oddities to society" and went back to homework related business, but then a couple months later i saw season 2 episode 4 as the top watched daily video on youtube so i checked it out, went back and watched all of season 1, then joined the herd.


And to add to it, this is soooooo true.

Posted Image

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I would technically be a pegasister, right? Feels more appropriate for a girl than brony

Yeah, I wish topics like this wouldn't label us all as 'bronies'.


Anyway, my first exposure to the show was back in April or so on another forum (related to Super Smash Bros. lol). They had a whole topic about the show, and I didn't really know what to think (I didn't even know that My Little Pony cartoons existed, I only knew that there was a line of toys which never even caught my attention when I was younger). However, since I'm into animation, I had to watch it. I was actually going to wait to watch it until after my finals (one was a Biology class with a comprehensive final, and that requires a lot of studying for me), but I ended up watching it beforehand anyway. And I aced my Biology final without a curve. o.O


That's unrelated, I know, but I still found it funny. The first episode I watched was "Over A Barrel" (IIRC, that's what it's called), since it was up on The Hub's website. That episode didn't quite meet the hype for the show. I didn't really find it funny and it was just "meh" to me altogether. However, then I watched the episode afterward with Fluttershy and Princess Celestia's bird and my opinion of the show rose. The next episode in line was a Cutie Mark Crusader's episode which didn't really make sense to me at that point (since it's an episode based more on continuity) so before watching it I went back and marathoned the whole series up to that point. I was a fan after that.

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I joined the herd sometime in July. It kinda sucks England didn't get mlp on tv. They've recently started broadcasting season 1 everyday at 10:30am on Boomerang. (Which I'll watch if my family are still asleep)

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I became a brony in November 2010 - November 7th ... around that. Episode 4 of season 1 when it came out is when I found out about it, and would, not to my knowledge - become a brony.

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Even though it's a different question it's really gonna have the same response :P

Eh Once upon a time I was on Bungie.net doing my usual stuff when I noticed the term "brony" constantly being used in a derogatory manner. I found out what it meant and somewhere along the lines I found the I'll Make a Man Out of You PMV and that really got my interest.

Of course Rarity was featured In the PMV so I made sure to look out for her when I watched the show for the first time.

I fell in love with the show and with Rarity, though it took me a couple of weeks to pick a fav. :3

LRP 101

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