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Sometime in february. I posted this in my intro thread but a fellow goon drew it and it accurately depicts how I fell in love with the show.

September, my friend was talking about and I was messing with him about it. He told me to watch the first two episodes and that if I wasn't bronified he would give me 50 bucks. Never got the 50 bucks.

Yes, I know, Equestria Daily already did it, but this is a different community, so it'd just be a little something interesting! Self explanatory, what month did you officially become a Brony? I can't

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I was a mlp kick and rewatching the old 80's cartoon and one of the new MLP eps popped up on a youtube random picker.  Which i was a bit shocked they had made a new MLP and gave it click,  and here I am!   :derp:

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I started watching The Mysterious Mr Enter's Animated Atrocities review series back in 2015. I came to really like his videos, so I checked out his MLP reviews as well out of curiosity (I knew nothing about the show or fandom beforehand). The show looked good to me from what I saw in those reviews so I started watching the show and came to love it myself. I wish he kept up with the show post Season 5, I'm curious what he would think of the later seasons.

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On 2021-06-27 at 10:42 PM, Splashee said:

I am expecting to re-validate myself as a Brony after the G5 movie has been released! Exciting ^_^

I am a Brony again! G5 has been released! :love:^_^


Seems like the G4 stuff is still very active, trending on Netflix. The entire G5 was just a movie. Bronies are still a thing :derp:

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I became a brony Sometime between October to November in 2021. Sorry my memory is a bit fuzzy about the actual date I became one


Anyways, Here is how I became a brony. 

I'm 16 and here is my story


I was in a very depressed state at the time, So I thought to watch some TV to make myself happy. I found nothing interesting on TV expect for shows that where basically documentaries about serial killers and murderers. Because of that, I ended up watching these shows

My Mother didn't approve of me watching these shows and told me that watching them will make me upset. She kept sending me signals that watching these shows isn't a good idea

Because of that, I decided to think of something else to watch. Then for no reason, My Little Pony popped into my head. I have no idea why it popped into my head, it just did

I thought to myself "maybe I could watch that" but I also thought to myself that the show was going to be lame

I decided to watch the very first episode of Friendship Is Magic on YouTube. While I was watching it for the first time, I kept thinking "This show must suck" but when the episode showed that Luna turned into nightmare moon it really caught my attention and I thought "Hey that's pretty badass"

I kept watching the episode and I started to fall in love with the cute ponies and just the show in general. This show was something I never saw before and It really captured my interest


Over time, I started watching more and more episodes until I completely fell in love with the show. Not so long after, I became a brony


That's how I became a brony

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I don’t remember the date exactly… just that I was still active duty and talked to my friend Lacey about the show first because she watched it too and we’re the same age. So I was probably about 24-25. Which would be like 7-8 years ago now… 

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 Hmm I haven't replied to this thread:

I discovered MLP FiM more by accident than by choice. It was early December 2020 when I was sitting in covid curfew for weeks without end and was kinda burning out from a bad job. It was tather late after 9 PM and was watching AMVs on utube. Suddenly I got a recommendation for  something called Friendship is Musical. Had no idea what it was, clicked on it and liked it. I finished the content of Tridashie and was hooked enough to click on a another recommendation of reaction to the Filli Vanilli episode.  Loved the episode and Fluttershy and started watching the show. After I finished it I searched for ppl to talk about it and found this place in January 2021.

Not sure, what date I should name. It should be something between early Dec2020 and 17.1.2021 (my joining date here)

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