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I was a huge fan of LEGO as a kid.  I feel a little bad about it now, because they are so disgustingly overpriced.  Even by overpriced toy standards, they're disgustingly overpriced.  A little set, about the size of a small shoebox, costs more than a triple-A, major video game on launch day.  That's some bullsh*t, right there.  Still, I had an extensive collection, including the rarest of the rare, the epic Monorail Transport Base, the largest commercial set ever made at the time (maybe still, idk.)  I never really "played" with them; I was the type of kid who just wanted to build elaborate masterpieces and then display them on a shelf.  If my friends came over, then weren't allowed to touch them.  (I musta been some fun to hang out with...)  I eventually decided that I just didn't want so much dust collecting clutter anymore.  The custom display shelves full of LEGOs had to come down to pave the way for a desk and computer.  I sold them all at a garage sale many years ago, but I kept my favorite nostalgic set.  A few months ago, I parted with that set as well.  I found that it just had no value to me anymore.  So, the last of my LEGOs are gone.  It would have made me a little sad, if not for the smile of pure joy on the little girl's face who bought that last set.  She absolutely loves LEGOs, her father explained, but they can't afford the outrageous prices, so she barely has any.  Knowing what happiness I brought to that sweet child brought more happiness to me than a dusty old LEGO ship in the back of the closet ever could.


Just the other day, I was browsing in Target (seriously tempted by that Wonderbolts's brushables set.  I'd get it if it had Fleetfoot instead of Pinkie.  What is Pinkie doing there??), and I noticed a new line of LEGOs: the Elves collection.  Obviously target for girls, but also obviously fun for anyone.  On a side not, I do think it's great that they are starting to change the way toys are marketed.  There are no labels for "boys" and "girls" toys.  Instead, it's just separated by franchise and category.  One isle is just all LEGO, and there's sets that are obviously markets for boys, (Star Wars), and an equal amount for girls (Elves, Frozen).  But they don't have gender labels, so that's a start.  Hopefully more kids will start just gravitating towards what they like, and not worrying about who it's "supposed" to be for.


Anyway, this Elves collection is f*cking amazing.  Best LEGOs I've ever seen.  It frustrates me, because I wish they'd had those sets when I was a kid.  I still like LEGOs, but I still don't want that much dust collecting clutter in my room.  If I had billions of dollars, I'd have a mansion with a LEGO museum, everything under glass to keep it clean.  Anyway, I also don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a few friggin sets.  But they really are gorgeous.  They're colorful, feminine, full of enchantment and whimsy, with a Tolkeinesque fantasy theme--everything I love.  They feature a heavy dragon theme, with several of the sets being centered around large, beautiful, elemental, female dragons.  The largest set is an enchanted castle that looks a bit like something out of the woodland realm from The Desolation of Smaug.  There's so many gorgeous magentas, purples, greens, and blacks.  Many of the elf character pieces feature full, beautiful gowns.  These sets just play to everything I love the most.  Growing up, I fantasized about living in Beast's castle, and I still do.  Everything I love most in life is the type of stuff they market to girls--enchanted castles, princesses, dresses, and everything colorful and beautiful.  These sets would filled a void in my life as a child.  Sadly though, even if these sets had been around 20 years ago, I doubt I would have bought them because I was still poisoned by society into thinking that I was not allowed to buy or play with anything that wasn't on the "boys isle."  A large part of me wants to buy all of these sets now to reclaim a part of my childhood that missed out on, that I feel cheated out of.


Anyway, check these beautiful sets out:






Unfortunately I've been told I'm 'too old' to play with lego.

That's tragic.  You're never told old.  This is yet another example of society's troubling trend of equating the liking of toys, or cartoons, or even video games, with being immature or childish.  There's no reason to stop enjoying any of these things when one grows up.  If you just don't like 'em anymore, then there's nothing wrong with that, either, but if you still love toys, then why not keep enjoying them?  Equating these things to immaturity is making a connection that simply does not exist.  It's like picking two unrelated points in space and just drawing an arbitrary line between them, stating that one means the other.  It's like...oh....I don't know...saying that watching FIM makes you gay!  Why can't society learn that the only thing that makes you immature....IS BEING IMMATURE.  Playing with LEGOs (or watching FIM) has nothing to do with it.  (Oh, and incidentally, the only thing that makes you gay....IS BEING GAY.  What a novel revelation, huh?)

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This brings back memories! When I was younger, I had a good 5 year period of loving to play with LEGO. I guess after that it slowly faded away. Me and my brother used to have them out 24/7, making the living room an absolute mess. He was the type who'd grab some random coloured bricks, and whip together some weird contraption as fast as he could with mixed up minifigure parts, so that he could play with them in his imaginary worlds. I was the type who tried (and failed) to build kits as well as I could without the instructions, and then after I'd finished, I'd try to improve the sets myself, or take them apart and challenge myself to build something completely random out of those same parts. Later into this 5 year period, I noticed the 'quality' or Lego sets was starting to fall. (Not the quality of the actual parts themselves, but the quality of the sets as a whole.) They went from complicated kits, to basic, and easy ones, with a bunch of parts exclusive to that kit, which made it 1) easier to build and 2) look more 'realistic'. After I got tired of having too many of these parts, with nothing much to do with them, I started visiting the Lego shop in town (about 30 minutes away on the train), and buying parts from the 'pick and mix' section, over set kits.


This left me with 3 large-ish boxes of Lego for my creativity and imagination to feast on, but as I got older, I started to use them less and less, until they were lucky if they came out once every four months or so. I decided to sell two of the three boxes, keeping the one full of parts that I either thought were useful, nostalgic or really cool. And yeah, that kind of marks the end of a great 5 years of Lego.


Two years later, and I still have that one box under my bed, and it gets used around once a year, although I don't think it's been used at all this year. It's usually brought out around Christmas, as our grandparents buy us (Well, it's really just for my brothers enjoyment now) a Lego advent calendar, and when all the windows have been opened, we usually build some stuff.


Well that was an abrupt end, but I don't have much to say now, so I guess it'll stay that way :3

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Even though I never really owned much legos, I always enjoyed playing with them if I was at a friends house, or during indoor recess.

Ahhh yes, I remember the rainy days in school, me and my mates were the first to run over to the LEGO and claim it for that break.

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I'm currently interested in the Lego Marvel Super Heroes and Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham games.

In fact, if they ever make an official FIM game (other than the Gameloft one) -- it should be similar to those, IMO.

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Haha, back when I was young lego was literally everything to me, especially bionic. In fact, this summer I took a job at the Legoland I went to when I was little and it felt super weird as I hadn't been in like 10 years and it no longer had the same almost magic feel it used to.

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In my childhood a played a lot with Legos. I remember building these cars, planes etc. I had a lot of fun and learned  a lot of it.

In my late childhood/early youth I started to design and build my own Space Ships from Legos. This made even more fun.

I hold a lot of fond memories regarding Legos. Sadly this is so long ago by now that I don't have any Legos anymore with me or any pictures.

It is also really unlikely that I ever get back to building something Legos.

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