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The Logistics of Fallout Style Vaults

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So I'm thinking of starting a mod for Fallout 3 or New Vegas. Basically I want to create a full sized vault as true to real life as possible. All of the vaults that you can explore in game are down sized and many areas are blocked off so you never get the full affect of how massive these thing really were suppose to be.


According to the Fallout Bible the vaults were designed to supporter 500=1000 people for 20 years. If that's the case my questions is how much food would you have to store and how much space would that require, or would it be more space efficient to use hydroponics or a combination of the two.


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Well think of like this... sorry this not a real answers but I could not tell you my self ether.


If you know fallout lore there were like only like 4 vaults made for survival of humans ( 13 / 101 / vault city ( kind of ) and 0 ( kind of )) ( these were the only ones I could think of the top of my head... so think of it like this you should make like a vault where the player enters a room and there 5 vaults. 2 on the left and right and one big one in the middle so what you can do with the vaults is the two on the left where there for power and the other is there for water and the room inside are there are for the workers that work in that vault. Now the two on the right are for more homes and the other a mix of high class homes and lots of shops for the vault people and the vault with the BIG door is where most of the storage is keep and is where the main overseer lives in like a big underground town ( i.e the town form fallout 3 ( Tranquility lane )) but the main goal is to get in to the main vault where other than the overseer house there are guard house filled with guns , ammo , armor , gun mods and guns that are fully mod and behind the overseer house is all the vaults supply's and rare things like ( cola , food , costume thing and gold ( from DLC )).      


Here's where the twist come in the player enter to find a mix of ghouls and crazy vault dwellers and some that a playing the other for food and water to try to stay alive and all the other vaults have a there is a mini overseer with a key card that you get and put into the big door cuz the vault is under lock down and the goal is to get the key cards but you can go in any vault you want to start but make it like (LOZ or Mega Man ) so the vault if you do it in the right order you get gun and weapons to make the other vaults essay and they can learn the right order from a terminal from the main room but put it like in like a class room so they need to read so a small FU if you don't like reading. Now that's all down you can add all kind of back story and you can make the other vaults all rusted away and the high class ones are still good to look at so you can keep to the norm that vault - tech is a jack A to there customer so add a sick thing there where trying to achieve and the player finds out by completing the vaults.


So that just what I think             

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