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Child of Light

Who here has played Child of Light for PC? What do you think of it?
If you don't have it already, you can find it on Steam. It does require uplay in order to operate but I've personally had very little difficulties with using that, as I just linked my uplay client with my steam client. 
This is by far one of the most beautiful games I've ever played. Its soundtrack is enthralling, immersive, atmospheric, and gorgeous. It serves to simultaneously uplift you and make you feel sad, resulting in a beautiful mixture of emotion and resonance that substantially enhances other aspects of the game. 
The artwork is beautiful and dreamlike. It feels like a storybook come to life while still succeeding in drawing you into the reality of the world presented. 
I played the game on casual mode so it was pretty easy, but that wasn't a problem for me at all. I still found the gameplay to be fun and satisfying, and it really helped carry along, prolong, and resonate the story with a deeper length and all-around permanence. I completed the game on casual, but I haven't finished all of the quests yet, nor have I found all of the confessions: however, I only have one remaining to be found. There is a harder game mode that I haven't tried yet.
The story is beautiful, emotionally powerful and profoundly philosophical. The dialog is designed to be a more accessible poetry, while you also find confessions scattered around the game, some of which are more complicated and beautifully-written sonnets. One of my favorites is the following:


Other confessions are equally mysterious yet provide an intriguing contrast in that they take the form of informal and often hastily-written letters, all by the same individual to the same recipient. Who are they and what is their significance? To wonder is to live.
Another aspect of the game that I find to be deeply touching is the dialog between the main character, Aurora, and her firefly friend Igniculus. He says some very cute yet simultaneously profound things at both seemingly random and deliberate points in the game, resulting in a deeply moving mixture of delightful innocence and deep profundity. Igniculus has made me laugh, cry, and think to an extent most characters in games do not. Overall, the characters attain a deep lovability that I've mainly only previously encountered in books, reinforcing my feelings of this game being as a storybook come to life.
The game features a fascinating array of life ranging from the spiritual and the paranormal to the classically fantastical to the innovatively fantastical. Overall, the game presents a fascinating and excellent mixture of classical high fantasy and more innovative, experimental aspects.


All of these fantastic aspects of the game fit together splendidly, maintaining their individual excellence while uniting to form an even greater whole. When I look back on the game as a whole, it almost feels like it was one long poem and song due to the utilization of poetry in the dialog and the nature of the music played throughout the game. There is a variety of melodies, yet many of them maintain a fundamental similarity at their core, carrying the player through time and change while still maintaining a permanent essence.
I have a bad habit of partaking in a great amount of violent media, and these days it feels like most modern games are excessively violent for little purpose other than to make as much money as possible. Sure, there are games where the violence is relevant, needed, and adds to the story: but it has far too often become a gratuity. It is as a breath of fresh air to encounter a game such as this that is so beautiful, moving, thought-provoking and excellent without having to jump on the bandwagon of rampant and unflinching adult material. That being said, this game is still intense and emotionally heavy at parts so I don't recommend it for young children.
If you have played this game, what are your thoughts on it?
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I got the game last year April on the PS4 and i haven't finished the game yet, but you're right it's a breath of fresh air. It has an amazing story, memorable characters, excellent soundtrack and i loved the art style. The game play was fun and i had a fun time just flying around as Aurora trying to find the chests lol.


It's one of the more imaginative and creative games out their, you won't see something like this often nowadays. There are a lot of shooters and violent games on the markets nowadays.


I enjoyed it a lot and i will be finishing the game soon.

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To be honest, I got bored of it somewhere in the middle of the game; still haven't finished it.Can hardly remember any of the characters or music; even the story is pretty foggy right now. Hasn't left a lasting impression just yet, I guess.


There's a few things that really stuck to me: it looks and feels really original. I loved the art most of all really.


The gameplay is like Grandia, a pretty old school feel and pretty satisfying and challenging too. Probably the only single player RPG that's really given me a lot of game overs... Well, besides Bravely Default that is.


The rhyming adds to the storybook feel, but that one character that always misses the rhyme was really annoying. It was funny during the first conversation, but it just got old and jarring.


If I were to give the game a score right now, without ever finishing it, I'd give it a 7 or so. Pretty good, but doesn't really draw me in.

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Not for PC, no. But I've 100%'d it on PS4 and Xbox One. <_<

It was fun, and if they ever drop some good DLC for it, I'd install it again to play it, at least to see what they do with it in the future, if nothing else.

In terms of art, I agree, it is quite beautiful. In terms of story, it was... amusing. Though, I doubt I've thought as deeply on it as you seem to have, Socks.

Also, it's one of the few games that I was constantly aware of the music, and was not disappointed.

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I've downloaded it for PS4, but have yet to really sit down and play it. I have some fairly high expectations for it, so when I finish with Wolfenstein, I'll likely give this a go. :)

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