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Welcome To The Equestrian Empire!



The Equestrian Empire Roleplay (EqE) is a section of the Roleplay World on MLP Forums which has stricter rules than the normal roleplay area. It follows the canon of the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. We allow cast characters, such as the Mane 6, to be played by members of the forum. In addition to this, you can choose you play using your own original characters (OC’s) and interact with the cast as if your OC were a part of the TV show.
We also have a vast world of extended lore written by our dedicated team to broaden the world of MLP:FiM in a logical, balanced and detailed way. There is even more on the horizon.
Due to the difficulty in enforcing canon in the roleplays run here, EqE is an application-only section of the Roleplay World. If you wish to join us, please read on!

That sounds like fun! How do I join?


The first thing you will want to do is figure out what kind of character you want to make. If you're new to roleplaying, you should consider using an OC. This will allow you more freedom in the amount of posts required, as well as the ability to create a character of your choice with fewer lore restrictions. You will find the rules for creating an OC appropriate for EqE a few posts down

Perhaps you’d prefer to play a cast character? The requirements for cast characters are stricter depending on the importance the character you’d like to play. The rules for applying to play a cast character can also be found below.

Quick reference links (to posts in this thread):


General EQE Rules

About Cast Characters

Applying for Cast Characters

Cast Character Rules

Original Character Rules

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General EqE Rules 

All of the Everfree Empire (EVE) Rules apply here. You can find them here. 
In order to roleplay in the EQE section, you must have an approved character. Approved characters have been checked by staff to ensure that they fit in with canon, to ensure the most engaging and immersive experience possible for all involved.
Include the location of your RP in the title with brackets – This makes it simple to see where your RP is located for potential applicants. Let’s say your RP is in [Cloudsdale]. Obviously, it will be difficult for earth ponies and unicorns to join. However, if your RP is labeled correctly, earth ponies will know to choose another RP.
If you are playing a cast character, please label your post as being with that cast character.  This serves two purposes. First, it’s easier for the staff, when doing cast checks, to figure out if you've made your required number of posts without having to dig. Also, if it’s labeled, it’s a lot harder for us to miss that you have posted with said cast character. If we miss a post, and you get a warning about the number of posts, just tell us. Nicely. We’ll get it fixed.
Post length – Currently, EQE has a 300 post length minimum. Be as detailed as possible. Make it fun for others to read and interact with you.
Double space in between paragraphs. Other people have to read what you’ve written please make it legible, particularly on character applications.
Because this area of roleplay adheres to show cannon, on most circumstances, violence is generally unacceptable. There have been very few times where violence has been shown in the show, most notably against the changlings and Tirek. There may be exceptions, but it is generally frowned upon.
If you make a character for EQE, you will be held to these rules, whether or not you read them or not.

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About Cast Characters

If you’re reading this page, you must be interested in applying to play a cast character. That’s great, and we look forward to seeing you play some of your favourite characters from MLP:FiM. [/background]That being said, it wouldn’t be fair if one person took all the characters, or if a writer simply stopped playing a character for weeks on end, leaving everyone else in their RP’s hanging. For these reasons, we have a set of rules for applying for and playing cast characters.

The Tiers

The most important rule we have implemented for cast characters is having sorted them into Tiers.


  • Tier-1 Cast are your primary ponies of Equestria. These include your Princesses, the Mane 6, and a few others. Each member is allowed one T-1 character.
  • Tier-2 characters are your characters that are important to the show, but aren’t quite main characters. These are usually characters who have shown up once or twice, but play major roles in the episodes that they appear in. Or they show up constantly and play a minor role. Some are simply popular enough that demand for their presence in RPs is high. Each member is allow two T-2 character.
  • Tier-3 characters are all the other background ponies in the show. Our Tier-3 list is not comprehensive, and you may apply for other more obscure background ponies if you wish to. Each member is allowed two T-3 characters.


Changes in Tier: Due to popularity having an effect on the Tier system, the staff may raise and lower characters between Tiers.
The list of cast characters in their Tiers can be found here.

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Applying For Cast Characters

In order to apply for a cast character, you must first choose a character to write an application for, and send a single (add more recipients to one message rather than creating five separate PMs) private message to five people (PM required for all cast characters):

You should title this message, “Application for [Character Name]”. The following template is the one we require you to use:
Name: What’s your character’s name?
Age: How old approximately is your character. Remember, we don’t know the lifespan of any creature in the show, so please use general ages. {Foal, filly/colt, Mare/Stallion, and appropriate age modifiers.}
Gender: Is your character Male or Female
Species: What is your character?
Appearance: What does your character look like?
Cutie Mark: What is your character's cutie mark?{Pony/Zebra only}
Personality: How does your character act? Are they intelligent, witty? What’s their overall attitude towards others?
Likes: What does your character like?
Dislikes: What doesn’t your character like?
Backstory: What happed to your character up to the point where you want to start your Equestrian Experience?
Other: Anything else that your character needs to roleplay
Put as much detail into your application as possible. If not much is known about your character, you are able to take some more freedoms with the character, so long as it still fits in with the cannon of the show. Get creative, show your knowledge, and most of all, have fun with this!
All cast characters must have a biography as detailed above, included within the application you submit for approval. Tier-1 and Tier-2 characters should have a backstory which reflects what we actually know from the show. In the event of multiple applications for the same cast character, the staff members will debate on the matter and select the winning application through a process of voting and elimination.
We also reserve the right to refuse all applications for a character if they’re not of the caliber we desire.
Only one user will be playing any one cast character at any given time. There will be no duplicate characters.
Tier-1 and Tier 2

  • Tier-1 characters require at least two paragraphs of personality description and five detailed paragraphs of backstory.
  • Tier-2 characters require at least two paragraphs of personality description and three detailed paragraphs of backstory.

Tier-1 characters will require a minimum of a two paragraph auditioning post, to be prompted by the staff at the end of the application period. (This is a roleplay style post, NOT part of their backstory.) This allows staff members to accurately judge not only which app is the most accurate and detailed, but also which user portrays the character the best. This is done to ensure that the quality of the roleplay experience and the character experience is as close to that of Equestria as possible.
All Tier-1 and Tier-2 applications must be sent to the Equestrian World Staff for review. Only final applications will be accepted; do not send drafts.
No new Tier-1 or Tier-2 cast Applications will be accepted for review once seven days has passed since the first application has been received.

  • Tier-3 characters require at least two paragraphs of personality description and three detailed paragraphs of backstory.

While T3 characters are submitted via PM, once they are approved, they are automatically awarded, and do not have to go through the week long wait that T1 and T2 characters require.
Tier-3 characters are far more open where user creativity in concerned. Very little is known about many Tier-3 characters, so applying for one of these characters is a lot like creating an OC. Be sure to correspond with other users if you are applying for Tier-3s who are relatives with other characters in the show. (Examples being the Spa Ponies, and much of the Apple Family.)
The names of many Tier-3 characters are not official. These names are subject to change should an official name be given. It is your responsibility to check to see if an official name has been given to your character if one hasn't been already. In the event that a character has more than one official name, (Bon Bon/Sweetie Drops,) either name is acceptable.
Currently villain characters (Discord, Chrysalis, Sombra, etc.) are disallowed. Due the the amount of power they hold, they currently are not available to be played. This may change at some point, but currently no members are allowed to play as them.

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Cast Character Rules

At any given point in time, a user is allowed to have up to one Tier-1, two Tier-2 and two Tier-3 cast characters. This way everypony gets a chance to play a cast character should they so choose.
Users playing cast characters, regardless of Tier, are responsible for updating their characters as new events occur in the show. If something new happens it officially becomes canon, which should be reflected in the biography for the character.
It is also highly recommended to update cast characters based on any interactions and events they experience during the course of their time in Equestria.
Comics and other published material may be considered supplementary canon. You are welcome to use elements of these, but due to the fact they are not as readily accessible as the show, we do not expect our users to keep up with the plots and changes they make. As such, if the backstory in your cast character app is drawn from any supplementary material, you must ensure it does not affect the backstory of any other cast character or we will ask you to change it. (A good example would be Cadance/Shining Armor.)
Players of Tier-1 and Tier-2 characters MUST be active. The staff do not care if you have the absolute most perfect Twilight Sparkle app in the world; if you aren’t posting with her enough, there’s no point in allowing you keep her. As such, we have posting requirements. determined by the Tier of your character.

  • Tier-1: All players playing Tier-1 characters must post with the Tier-1 character in question at least three times a week in preferably at least two topics. These characters are staple characters of the community, and should be interacting with everypony.
  • Tier 2: All players playing Tier-2 characters must post with the Tier- 2 character in question at least two times a week, again preferably in more than one topic.
  • All players playing Tier-3 characters must post with the Tier- 3 character in question at least once a week.

If you are playing more than one character within each post, the paragraph and length requirements are multiplied ​to accommodate for the extra characters.
We reserve the right to Revoke Cast members based on inactivity or for being out of character.


Before revoking any cast character for being out of character we'll try and work with your on how you can improve, but ultimately it's your character. If you are having trouble, talk to the staff. That's what we're here for.


If you do not meet the above posting requirements for the cast character you are playing, you run the risk of losing that character. The staff perform cast checks weekly spanning Monday-Sunday PST, to ensure the users playing cast characters meet the post requirements. Should the staff notice your cast character become inactive, you will receive a PM warning about the situation. Please note, this warning is against the character, not your MLPF account. Failure to acknowledge this or post after receiving this warning will result in the revocation of your cast character, and it will be opened up for new applications.

  • NOTE: You will only receive this warning twice for each cast character you play. If you have received two warnings, and you become inactive without notice again, your cast character will automatically be revoked and you will be sent a PM informing you of this fact.
  • Warnings expire after four months.
  • If you know in advance that you will be away for a certain period of time or are otherwise unable to post with your character, you may place a notice in the Cast Character Leave Of Absence Thread. Doing so exempts you from cast checks between the dates you mention: http://mlpforums.com/topic/66765-equestrian-empire-cast-character-leave-of-absence-thread/
  • If you do use the Leave of Absence thread, you need to post before the end of the week; not after.
  • If your Last Active time on the forums is longer than two weeks ago, your cast character will be revoked. We can’t expect other roleplayers to be left hanging with no knowledge of whether you will return to the forums or not.
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Original Character Rules

New to creating an OC? Start here! Also, be aware that EqE has stricter guidelines for accepted characters, so please keep that in mind if you are creating a character specifically for this section.
One of the most challenging yet most rewarding aspects of being a writer is crafting your own original characters, or OC’s. It is a labour of love. Knowing how to knit together personality, appearance and backstory into a form which is logical and engaging is an art; one which requires nuance, creativity, and an eye for detail in simplicity.
In EqE, the staff personally assess each and every OC before they are permitted to participate in any roleplay here. This is to ensure the characters meet our canon requirements, and the author is capable of writing at the level we expect in this section. If you desperately want to play a black and red Zebra striped Alicorn super-assassin with a grimdark past, this probably isn’t the section for you.
Please keep in mind that our evaluations are based on what is acceptable canon, and is not an acceptable way of having your OC rated. That is not what we do. Nor does it matter if the staff likes your character or not. 
To give you an idea of what attributes your character can and cannot have, and how to go about applying for EqE, we have the following rules:

  • Characters you wish to submit for EqE approval must be entered into the EqE Database. This can be found here: [Link]
  • Only submit one character at a time! Each character is gone over by not one, but two (or possibly more!) staff members. Give us some room to breathe, will ya?
  • Each individual character requires their own application form. Relatives of your character can be mentioned in backstories, but for these relatives to be played, they must be applied for separately.
  • The above does not apply to any non-verbal pets your character may have.
  • You must fill in all the fields in the application form, with the sole exception of the ‘Other’ field. The ‘Other’ field is used for any extra information you may wish to include.
  • The Personality section is required to be at least 2 detailed paragraphs in length. We need to know who your character is, and why he or she does what they do. This is the section to tell us that.
  • Backstories are required to be at least 3 detailed paragraphs in length for canon screening. We can’t tell if a character is suited for canon roleplay from a single paragraph alone.
  • Backstories must be appropriate within the context of the known canon for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. What qualifies as canon is anything which has been seen, or could realistically be seen in the show.
    • The extended lore written for EqE also qualifies as canon which must be adhered to and not contradicted.
    • Comics and other published material may be considered supplementary canon. You are welcome to use elements of it, but it is not enforced.
  • Things which have only been seen once or twice in the show are considered rare, and thus should not be included in an application or a character’s backstory. These include, but are not limited to:
    • Firearms
    • Spells such as the ‘Wing Spell’, which we have only seen once and which appeared difficult for a Unicorn as skilled as Twilight Sparkle to cast.
    • Video games. The only video games we have seen thus far in Equestria have been arcade games such as those common in the 1970’s. As such, no in-home consoles are permitted. If your character is a gamer, they’d be spending a lot of time and bits at the arcade.
  • Your Alicorn OC is not canon, and will not be accepted.
  • Your OC is also not a genderbent or carbon copy version of an existing canon character, nor its personality mirror image under different coat and mane color.
  • As with cast characters, we don't know how long ponies live, and therefore please use a general description of age (IE young mare) rather than an exact year.
  • Additionally this means that your character can only live what would be assumed a normal life span. It can neither be immortal nor hundreds of years old.
  • There are to be no prior interactions with cast characters in your OC’s backstory. If you would like your character to interact with cast characters and develop friendships, this may be played out in roleplay once your character is approved. Your character is not in MLP:FiM, therefor you can’t say they are BFF’s with Pinkie Pie.
    • This does not mean your character can’t admire or otherwise look up to ponies like Rainbow Dash or Twilight Sparkle. They simply can’t have met yet.
  • Backstories and characters which are overly dark are frowned upon, as they generally clash with the overall tone of MLP:FiM. Your character is not an assassin, a spy, a violent drunk, or willing to go around destroying everything in its path.
    • Milder aspects such as character abandonment, loneliness, pre-existing injuries and medical conditions are fine within reason. We simply ask that you keep things moderate. Crippling abuse in backstories is strictly prohibited.
    • Any disabilities or other diagnosis should be relegated to the "Other" section of your application. 
  • Magic for most Unicorns should be limited to just a few spells. No more than three, tops. This includes the magic for your special talent.
    • NOTE: Elemental magic, such as Earth, Water/Ice, Air, Fire, and any type of healing spells, are considered specialised magic. Only ponies whose special talent is such type of magic can use them.
    • Telekinesis is a talent which ALL Unicorns have, thus it is not counted as one of your spells.
    • Please list what spells your character knows in the ‘Other’ section. (If elemental, put ‘[insert Element] type magic’. Telekinesis is assumed, and should not be listed unless used for something very specific, such as playing a musical instrument.
    • Teleport spell is restricted only for unicorns whose special talent directly deals with some field of magic proficiency, or that have spent enormous amounts of time on studying magic (the backstory is constructed around this fact). At once, its range is limited to short distances.
  • Appearances are to remain true to what we have seen in MLP:FiM as well. Minor colouration patterns are allowed for Ponies, such as the patches on Pipsqueak. However, your pony can’t have batwings unless they're a batpony, zebra stripes unless they are a zebra, and so on. Basically, make your character look like their own race, and not borrow bits and pieces from elsewhere.
  • All pony OC’s are required to have a picture! You may use the Ponycreator if you wish.
  • We still require a written description of what your pony looks like in addition to the picture. This allows staff to better judge if your pony fits canon. Also, if the link for the picture breaks, users can fall back on your written description.
  • Cutie marks should be appropriate for canon.
  • Adult Ponies MUST have a cutie mark.
  • If you complete an OC and we review it, please make the changes within a reasonable time frame. If nothing happens within two weeks, a staff member will PM you asking what is going on. If it isn’t changed promptly, it will be deleted. The queue is not a place for your character to hang out in. It is sad character purgatory, and your character deserves better.
  • In addition to the above, if you have a question about your review, please PM us. Most of the time asking in the comment section on the character sheet will not be seen.
  • Work in Progress (WIP) characters get two weeks to sit in the queue unfinished before they are deleted.
  • Members offline for two weeks will have any OCs deleted from the approval queue.

Work in Progress characters will not be reviewed until they are marked as NOT WIP.

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