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Planning MLP Nations; Peace, Trade and War [OOC, Discuss, War, Dark, Politics, Adventure]

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To conform to the standards of the roleplay, here's my condensed nation sheet (still kind of long):
Nation name: Metropolitan Republic of Port Impala


Government type: Constitutional parliamentary republic


Flag/symbol: The two-striped flag is white and blue; white making up the right stripe, and blue making up the left stripe. A white anchor is superimposed at the top-left corner of the blue stripe. This flag, popularly dubbed the "anchor flag", has been in use for seventy years.


Ruler(s) and title(s): Bronze Cane (Mayor), Bright Idea (Premier)


Environment and location: The climate is mostly subtropical, with the city-state's location being roughly 2,000 miles south of Equestria. Summers tend to be hot and humid, while winters tend to be on the cool side. Snow occasionally happens, but is generally rare.


Two primary resources: Copper and iron ore, but deposits are somewhat limited due to the fact that Port Impala is a large city-state.


Two scarce resources: Everything else; Port Impala is a city-state.


General race composition: 72% pony (of those, 51% earth, 20% pegasi, 12% unicorns, ~0.01% alicorn,) 14% zebra, 10% griffon, 3% donkey, 0.5% mule, 0.5% cow


General race description: In general, Port Impala stresses a kind of "workplace professionalism" at all times. While not forbidden by law, the wearing of "outlandish" or "ethnic" dress is generally discouraged outside of festivals, Wayside Day, and ethnic holidays. Climate wise, most Port Impalans tend to dress very warmly in the hot and humid summer months and in one or two layers for the coldest days of winter.


General race personality: The "workplace professionalism" culture also affects personality. In society, Port Impalans tend to be a bit on the quiet and productive side, as most days involve work- and school-related functions and activities. Outside of those activities, residents tend to be a bit more open, laid back, and friendly. On Wayside Day, all of this goes out the window, and Port Impalans tend to release "repressed" urges due to the lack of work and school, leading to bouts of drinking, a burst of aggressiveness, and festive moods.


Two primary traits: Industrious and professional.


Culture and description: The country's population is incredibly irreligious and tolerant, and generally takes on a whole "I don't care who you are or what you are, as long as you get work done" kind of feel. Much of this could be attributed to the "workplace professionalism" culture that is so pervasive in the city-state; no one wants to be seen as closed-minded, racist, discriminatory, sexist, or xenophobic, as being so would otherwise harm business and career prospects. There's no formal caste system, but there is a noticeable divide between the rich and the poor despite the presence of a safety net.


Buildings: The dense city-state has a sizable skyline made up mostly of glass, brick, and concrete structures. Ten skyscrapers in the city-state are more than 900ft tall, with the tallest being around 1,650ft tall. Most of the city-state's growth has occurred in the last century or so, so most of the city's low-rise and housing stock tend to be brick or grass in nature; wood construction tends to be restricted to the more historic parts of the city.


Foreign policy: The primary foreign policy of the country can be summed up in three words: "Economics over politics." The government and businesses stress the establishment of new economic and social trade links with as many countries as possible, so Port Impala generally supports the establishment of new global trade agreements and stresses economic cooperation. The country avoids getting involved in military alliances and defense agreements, as it sees the establishment of a "bloc" to be a roadblock to the country's economic ambitions. It remains to be seen whether Bright Idea's new UCP government will maintain the country's political neutrality or seek to enter international coalitions.


History: To keep things short, Port Impala was settled 900 years ago, but was a part of a surrounding kingdom. Tribal wars ensued a couple of centuries later, in which the settlers established their own police force; the city declared its independence a few years later with the Treaty of Swahayza, which codified Port Impala's independence and sovereignty, and dropped all international claims to the area. Afterwards, Port Impala pursued a self-sufficiency policy, but it failed and the nation remained relatively poor. A hundred or so years prior to the start of the roleplay, a new party, the National Alliance, was elected on promises to "open up Port Impala" to the world. Trade links were soon established, and the economy began to improve. With the newfound economic success of the city-state and the party's balance between immigration and "conformity", the National Alliance continued to rule until corruption scandals and revelations brought down the party, a state confirmed by the election of the anti-corruption UCP in the 39th general election.


Quality of life: The standard of living in Port Impala is very good, with a growing economy, low unemployment, and wide availability of services allowing the city-state to maintain a healthy quality of life for its citizens. Its position as a city-state forces Port Impala to import a lot of its goods, making items more expensive than usual.


Military power: "Economics over politics" also carries over to the military. The government maintains a large enough military (army and a navy) to sufficiently defend the city-state, but not large enough to be on any country's radar as a formidable enough power to be part of a military alliance. There are roughly 8,800 active troops, with an additional 5,000 on reserve. 


On the other hoof, the police department is one of the largest and most formidable in the world, with an estimated strength of at least 35,000 uniformed personnel. A popular running joke in some social circles is that the police act as the country's real military, and the actual military is just a "front" put on by the police.


Current events: The city-state is rainier than usual, with the city receiving more than 50% more rainfall than normal. In a city where the weather is not controlled, this becomes a problem; already, there has been a fairly large flood in the far northern parts of the city, and parts of the Impala River remain swollen.

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If you insist then. I'll do so unless you specify reasons why you couldn't meet your posting deadline, or if your actions at the time do not prohibit the progress of another role player.

@@The Shadow Stallion   At least now you got all the people you wanted.    P.S I don't think we would have had this explosion of interest if I didn't bump this thread couple of weeks ago...lol

Ah, but you're tactics only fool those who are willing to trust you once. Do it to many times and you'll become Germany after betraying the Russians. We all know how that went down. Perfect timing to

Posted Images

Time for the nation sheet.


Nation name: Wolven Empire


Government type: Empiric Monarchy 




Ruler(s) and title(s): Iris Wind (Empress); Seth Eclipse (Royal Diplomat)


Environment and location: Northern continent close to the nothern pole. West of Equestria, beyond the ocean. The area is vast, mostly covered with snow and ice, or forest tundra. There is a mountain line close to the easten coast and the northern border. 


Two primary resources: Timber and oil. The vast land provides the lumber, and there is a large oil resurvey available for tapping.


Two scarce resources: Food is always low, as well as any rare earth elements that can't be mined for their high tech indusrty.


General race composition: 80% wolves ( 30% Alpha, 34% Beta 35% Omega >1% winged wolf), 20% local wildlife (Dear, elk exc.)


General race description: The wolven empire has a military history, scattered with the scars of forgotten wars. The wolven population lives rather well. Heath conditions are rather scarce, as the cold and potential lack of food is the only major threat within the nation. Each wolf sticks to their bloodcode, Alphas being the only breeding mates.


General race personalityTheir people are loyal to one another, forming deep bonds within the nation. However, that is their downfall. They can take great offence to any who threatens one wolf. Civil war is always potential if two sides were ever to form from the nation. Once a wolf has made his mind, he will defend himself.


Two primary traits: Technological, and warlike


Culture and description: After taking a extinction during a war 1000 years ago, the wolven race has slowly recovered from the heavy blow. There had been much loss to their people, but not forgotten. With their nation scarred from the attacks of the past, the race had freely allowed the military to expand and grow it's abilities. The people have even demanded that the government close off the borders to the other nations, feeling they are better off isolated than letting other infiltrate their empire. 


Buildings: The empire has it's people scattered out in cities across the land. With the low population, the cities are rather small. However, they are well made. Each building is designed to withstand the toughest of blizzards, standing rather tall in case of multiple feet of snow. In the capital, there is a large brand of underground tunnels, branching off to other high cities, then connecting to the lower cities. This was a means of travel in case of war.


Foreign policy: There is little to say about the Empire's stand for others. If they wanted peace, they get silence. If they wanted war, they get fangs. If they wished to trade, they better be lucky. Besides a handful of high representatives, there is no communication to the outside world. These few representatives actually accept most others, but still have their tie to the empire and their ways. Trade is tolerated, and peace is semi-desired. However, if one were to threaten the wolves, they would be more than willing to strike back. They do not bluff.


History: The Wolven Empire was formed during the great unification of the wolf packs. Each wolf in the nation came together and formed a unified government under one ruler, to strengthen their pack into a mighty clan. Soon after the formation, the age of exploration began. As representatives left the empire, they only brought back fears of war. Wit their courage, honor, and valor provoke, the newly formed empire went to war with a nation of equines. However, do to a magic they could not defend against, the equines drove the attack back to the empire, nearly exterminating the population. After a great deal of turmoil and struggle, the nation regained it's footing, becoming more aggressive and territorial. With the rising of Empress Wind, the Empire holds strong today. 


Quality of life: The lives of the wolves is rather above par, except for the climate. As the nation is still growing from it's once febal self, the unemployment rate is nearly eliminated. Cities grow with little problem, and jobs are filled easily. However, the issue arises with food. Wit the frozen year-round climate, there is little farmland and hunting only goes so far. There is selective breeding, which has slowed population growth, but again, only goes so far. Crime is also extinct, as all thoughts of enemy threats are devoted to other nations, their anger for foreign people driving their will to stay loyal.


Military power: The Wolven Empire has one of the most advanced armies in the world, due to the fact they have given their nation the ability to expand in that way. With a grand army and airforce (Coastline is frozen), the wolves have outfitted their equipment with the most up-to-date the military science divisions can create. However, with the lack in population, there is a lack in actual numbers. This is one of the flaws in the Wolven Armed forces. However, their tech makes up greatly for their little soldier count. Also, with the wolven loyalty, the population of the empire has dedicated their lives to the armed forces if need be.


Current events: A recent climate shift has caused blizzards to increase in density and frequency across the empire. This has lead to slower transport of supplies to each city, as well as the few crops that are farmed to take a beating. There is no rivers that are not frozen, however, snow is used for water. 


Normal Theme song: 


War Theme Song: 


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is this good enough of  history and backstoryis for this roleplay

blackfire is more like an proud and that sometime leads her to not listen to her advisors and get herself into bad situations. the only reason she is leader is because she inherited it from her father. she was always treated with the upmost respect and she won't accept nothing less which makes her react harshly over little things. she also like to think she is a god even though she is just as likely to fall as anypony else. 

Silentflight is a 17 year old pony who lives in the "ghetto" parts of the pegasus parts of the city which is still nice compared to what the earth and unicorn pony's have to deal with. she is very shy and normally is always in the back of the class at school. she is just finishing up her seinor year of high school which only pegasus get to go to. she doesn't like what there leader blackfire is doing to the earth and unicorn pony's that she often sneaks away doing her lunch to take food to the unicorn and earthpony's down below and has even made a few friends down there. the flawness are whenever she is questioned she doesn't ever know what to say and stand frozen.

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Can anyone help me come up with a R*******-derived name for my country before I post it? I was trying to find cool words that would be suitable, but none of them sounded right. :/


Wait nevermind I got it.

Okay, here goes everything.




Ба́ры деру́тся -- у холо́пов чубы́ треща́т.

Nation Name: Конюшни (Konyushnia). It's a play on the word "stables".

Government Type: Dictatorship (technically). The current leader stepped in when the last one was...ahem. Evicted. She alone has political power, but she has a high council who help her with her decisions.

Flag/Symbol: Three horizontal stripes: Dark blue, purple, then red, with a silver star in the middle. It's meant to resemble the twilight before dawn.

Ruler(s) and title(s): Princess Horizon Dust, known as her Imperial Highness, or Princess of Light.

Environment: Far North-East of Equestria, this country has long, cold winters and short, sweet summers. It has a HUGE expanse of land, and areas range from jagged mountains to peaceful plains and everything in between. However, most of this land is uninhabited by ponies, as it is too cold for farming. These lands instead inhabit wild animals such as bears, wolves, owls, etc. Only the brave venture into the wilderness, as chances of survival are slim.

Two Primary Resources:

Timber: the excess of forest surrounding towns and cities contain trees of all sorts, from softwood pines to hardwood oaks. This nation is well know for its impressive woodwork, especially boats and cabins.

Water: Ancient glaciers have scratched the land full of freshwater lakes in such abundance that many of them still remain untouched.

Two Scarce Resources: Anything that requires a generally warm climate, like citrus fruit, spices, etc.

General Race Composition: There are few Pegasi in this land, (about 13%), as the weather is often too harsh to be controlled from the sky. (Unicorns control it instead). Unicorns make up the majority of the population, as their magic and craftiness is needed for working in treacherous conditions.

Unicorns > Earth Ponies > Pegasi > other species (cows, donkeys, zebras, etc.)

General Race Description: Most ponies have long, pale coats and manes...Not too vibrant in colour. Their physiques range greatly from tall and thin to short and bulky, But most of them are pretty sturdy. They tend to be a little taller and stronger than Equestrians. Facial hair is common amongst males.

They handle cold weather very well, and in the winter are often wearing fur hats and felt coats...depending on how bad the weather is. Hey often decorate themselves with colourful sashes and hat ornements.

General Race Personality: Quiet, solitary, and somewhat stoick, but they won't hesitate to offer/accept help when its needed. They don't show much emotion in public, making them somewhat intimidating, but they are very warmhearted around friends and family. They are pensive, nostalgic, musical, and hardworking. They are mostly emotionally sturdy.

In serious matters, they aren't the type to joke around. They often don't realize that they are intimidating to outsiders, as this level of seriousness is normal in Konyushnia.

Two Primary Nation Traits: (Currently) Industrious and Honourable. (Peace is on the way in)

Culture and Description: The ponies who reside here are firm believers in justice and in getting to the point. They greatly value their culture and history, and are generally a proud people, as they have overcome great struggles in war and in everyday life. Meals are a family affair, and food is meer wasted. These ponies aren't incredibly trusting of other nations or of their own leaders (with good reason), and typically listen more than talk when it comes to serious/political matters. If a Konyushian hosts a party, you can expect a full house with way too much food and drink.

Buildings: Wood, stone, concrete, etc. buildings are made to be able to face the weather. Houses and such are generally plain looking, but monuments, religious buildings, etc are very detailed and colourful. These cultural buildings have a mysterious, ethereal feel to them, inside and out.

Previous royal families and elected leaders resided in a huge, white building known as the Starlight Palace. This and other such buildings were massive in size and rich in detail to express the wealthiness of the owner. It is currently used as a political building and museum of cultural/political history.

Foreign Policy: Currently undergoing great changes. In the past, this country only looked out for itself, and because of this, other nations did not trust it. They were involved in the trade of weapons, but that has been stomped out by the new Princess. They also export timber and oil, and import exotic fruits from the south.

History: In the beginning, this country was inhabited by many nomadic tribes...but that was almost two thousand years ago.

Once a community of sorts was established on an important trade route between the East and West, Konyushnia became well known to other countries, and had been invaded multiple times by Vikings and other unpleasant ponies from all corners of the globe. This country, in its youth, endured much abuse from other nations demanding resources, land, and power. They had been conquered many times by other nations and had many bloody revolutions, but in the end they always managed to survive. Eventually, Konyushnia had developed a strong military force, a lot of land, and a proud, war-ready population...other nations began backing off.

Since its official formation, Konyushnia has seen much war and bloodshed due to a series of corrupt leaders and an extreme lack of communication between the royals, the high-class, and the working-class. Recently, the most recent corrupted leader has been kicked out, and an Alicorn Princess was sent in to rule in his place. After everything this nation's people have been through, they want nothing to do with war, and are looking forward to an era of peace...hopefully.

Quality of Life: Getting better. Not perfect, but getting better! Nobles no longer have the political standing they once did, and more is being done to ensure good conditions for the working class.

Military Power: This country retains amazing military power from all of its past wars (hot and cold), and is certainly a force to be reckoned with. In the past, they supplied weapons to terrorist organizations. Great changes are happenening though, and fewer and fewer ponies are becoming soldiers and are trying to usher in an age of peace.

In short, Konyushnia has a lot of fighting experience under its belt, but hopes it doesn't need to use it.

Their weapons are advanced, but simple, relying more of basic physics than modern tech.


Normal Theme song: (pending)

War Theme Song: (pending)


Relations with other Nations: Konyushniya is not well-liked or trusted by other nations...especially by elders who had endured its wars. Some younger ponies have faith in the new Princess Horizon, but others believe that this land is cursed to corrupt its leaders and lead the world into war. I guess we'll see.

Although this nation isn't trusted, it's exports are still purchased worldwide. You can't deny quality!

Current events affecting country: Massive political upheaval due to a new leader. The Konyushnian Krumb (currency) has gone up in value.

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Alrighty, Defiant Shadow seems to be in order so consider em approved ^.^


As soon as the mayor is created and approved your nation should be good Skbl. But first, Mayor needs to be created and then approved.


I like the wolven nation, but 1 thing. I'd like to keep Military tech on the Medieval side. Gunpowder being the highest. I mean you technically can have an airforce, but you'll have to get creative with that. Just change some of the military tech up and should be good. I can see some interesting politics developing between my nation and this one lol. Perhaps war or alliance, all things depending...


I meant more personality AND history for both Silentflight and Blackfire. Blackfire = Personality + History. Silentflight = Personality + History. You've gotten two parts done just do two more and we should be good : )


Illusive, I'll need a bit more personality on Ismina


Crystal Tower, I scowled when I saw teleporting but smiled when you added fatigue. So pretty good balance power-wise. I guess he could be considered Approved : D Just don't OP the powers in RP. : )


Amber, for your nation I'd like a little bit more detail on well, most things. Look at my nation, The Wolven Empire, and skbl's port Impala for an example of descriptiveness if need be. Sounds good, just very vague to me ^.^" Add a bit more and you should get the thumbs up : D Also 2 Primary resources just means the most common resources or the ones that the nation can easily get its hooves/hands/claws on. Also if they are a peaceful nation, I wouldn't expect them to have a powerful military. You might consider toning it down to an average or poor military. Peace weakens military in general .3.

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@@The Shadow Stallion,


Nation Name: The Griffon Kingdom

Government Type: Somewhat Decentralized Monarchy

While the Emperor holds complete power he doesn't use it. Officially and traditionally he only holds a single city, the capitol, Talon, however he has many, many vassals which in turn hold their own vassals. The Emperor himself has little to do with leadership on the local level leaving it to his vassals. Should the need arise however he can take direct control of an area though it isn't too popular with his vassals.



A product of this is there are two different kinds of armies: the National Army and the Baron's Armies. The National Army, which is controlled directly by the Emperor, is by far the largest, most organized, and most well equipped but in time of war it may only take up a small portion of the nation's troops. The Baron's Armies are the army of each Baron or Count or Lord in the land collectively known as Baron's Armies. A man of title owns his own private troops he uses in his own lands the same way the Emperor would use his own or, often times, to fight proxy wars with other men of titles. Proxy wars are usually restricted to Barons, the lowest title, and are usually put down by their Count. Baron's Armies are rallied in times of war and more-or-less join the National Army to fight.


Ruler(s) and title(s):

Emperor IronClaw Headwind








Environment: North West to Equestria.

In the North are snowcapped mountains were a number of larger cities sit as well as Talon, the capital. In the Midlands are hills filled with mines as Griffons and Ponies slave away gathering materials to full the nation’s factories. In the South is mostly flat land used for farming the nation’s small food supply. While the land can be farmed the soil is terrible and can only grow potatoes and wheat well. On the border with Equestria lies the Great White Wood. Even with the warmer temperature is snows in the Wood all year around. Here lies villages and towns each one claiming to part of Equestria or the Griffon Kingdom despite borders.


Two Primary Resources: Metals (Copper, tin, steel), Timber

Two Scarce Resources: Nutritious foods, magical knowledge of any kind


General Race Composition: Mostly Griffon. Many Ponies live in the south with a small Zebra population to the Southwest

General Race Description: Run of the mills Griffons. Nothing special. Clothes are a common sight in the North with the cold weather and all nobility wear fine clothes in public to show status.


General Race Personality: Griffon to Griffon they treat each other like anyone else would. In times of crisis the Griffons band together and put aside their difference. Griffons to Ponies is different. In the south ponies are seen as a lower race only meant for work and not to be trusted, or at least the nobility thinks that. As you move North ponies are tolerated. Zebras are often persecuted and looked down upon.


Two Primary Nation Traits: Industrious, Nationalist


Culture and Description:

Griffon culture dates back before the Kingdom was established when Griffons were in tribes each hunting each other for food with sticks and stones. Then Griffon’s learned to fight and began the long standing practice of slavery.


As true Barons and Counts appeared the culture never truly changed. Griffons still fought and enslaved as they had generations before only on larger scales. Only with the arrival of Emperor SwittWind Headwind did anything change. From a tribal and barbaric people the Griffons emerged anew. The people civilized and become as they are today.

(I don’t really know how to describe it. Think a mix between Scandinavia and Medieval Europe)


Buildings: In the North most buildings are built of stone and rock and very sturdy. They are made based on Equestrian architecture which, structurally, is better than old Griffon design.


In the Midlands wooden homes pop up but many builds such as forts, noblemen’s homes, and government buildings are built as the buildings in the north. For the most part buildings here are sturdy.


In the south shanties are common. Many serfs build homes of what they can as their Baron’s oppress them. The noblemen’s castles are still of stone but can’t take a full siege.

In the area around the border and in the woods sturdiness varies. Some towns are just shanties while others are built well and meant to last.

Notable exceptions to this are the Zebra Baron’s castle and a number of castles on the border which are built to take months of pounding.


Foreign Policy: Firm fisted but loyal. Mess with the Griffon Kingdom and you’ll get the full force of the military but a friend can know the Kingdom would fight to the end for them.





Long before the Kingdom was created the Griffon Lands were filled with tribes that turned into lines of nobility. These many small groups fought tooth and claw to gain power over their neighbors at the expense of their subjects. This kept up with no clear winner for centuries. Around eight hundred years ago a champion rose, SwiftWing Headwind. Using brilliant tactics and well trained soldiers he conquered and assimilated the many tribes around him. In a matter of years using military might and smooth diplomacy he had the entire North in his claws or in those of puppets. Soon he marched south conquering each Baron as he went. But in the south they became wary. Soon the local Barons banded together and formed the South Griffon Federation to fight the approaching threat. So began the First Griffon Great War. For years SwiftWind and the South Griffon Federation fought a long war of attrition waiting for the other to break. The destruction of the South Griffon Federation was only brought about seven years later when a top general of the South Griffon Federation betrayed his own and let Swiftwind march through the lines. In mere weeks the Federation fell and the Griffon Kingdom was declared. With such a large amount of land under his belt SwiftWind knew he couldn’t control all of it thus he gave the land back to former leaders but hung the threat of execution over their heads should they rebel. The few who did were swiftly defeated and killed.


For many more years peace was in the land. Five rulers lived and died without incident.


Trouble had been brewing for decades. The Barons and Counts who had lost their lands to the Emperor were not happy being puppets to some overlord. In wait they had been plotting for generations. Each ruler told his son and his son told his son about the plans each one waiting to act. Finally they did. In a massive revolt broke the nation in half. The Second Griffon Great War began. Emperor Lancer Headwind the Fair was no general. He relied on his army to win the war which even it may not have been able to. After ten years of brutal war each side called for a truce. Seeing the Baron’s wants Emperor Lancer granted them much more semi-autonomy thus earning his title.

Side Note: Emperor Lancer abolished slavery however it still exists as serfs work as slaves but are legally bound to the land through debt which is legal thus making a loophole as a law allows landowners to force those who own him to work it off through labor.


And many, many decades later we come to modern day. The Griffon Kingdom has just hit an industrial explosion with factories becoming a common sight that produce everything from swords to couches. The Griffon Kingdom is primed to become a world power but only time will tell.


Quality of Life: For anyone with title excellent: Only the best food and gold lining everywhere. For northerns in cities good: food for all and there’s at least some money in everyone’s pockets. For serfs borderline slave conditions: you’re lucky to eat.


Military Power:

National Army: Army owned by the Emperor. Well trained and well-armed. Known to use Griffon Revolver Rifles.

Barons’ Armies: Armies raised by men of title during wartime. Often poorly armed and trained.


National Army Weaponry:

Revolver Rifles. Using explosives powder and tubes of steel the Griffons have created a weapon able to punch through any Equestrian Guard’s armor. Deadly. Due to high expense and complicated machinery only about 25% of the National Army is armed with these weapons.

Sky Turtles: Menaces of the skies. The Griffons have used chariots normally pulled by pegasi and turned them into weapons. They are platted with steel and have cannons on all sides acting like both a mobile siege weapon and stronghold in the sky. With no formal construction centers for these they are spread throughout the military and rare to come upon.

Short Swords: Using steel smelted in the factories in the North Griffon craftsmen make short swords of the best quality. Many officers wear them by their sides and keep them sharp enough to cut a hair down the middle.

Cannons: Pulled by teams of three they are excellent siege weapons and can break any line of the best soldiers given enough shelling. Often inaccurate and sent in large batteries for best effect.

Infantry Spear: Well-crafted spear that can stop any charge dead in its tracks.

Infantry Sword: Well-crafted sword worn by most Griffon soldiers no matter what other weapon they may have.

Grenadier: Armed only with small, steel balls filled with black powder a Griffon Grenadier can cause terror in his enemy and make a light show while he’s at it. Grenadiers are fairly rare and are stretched few and far.


Barons’ Armies Weaponry:

Spears: Nothing special. Good against charging cavalry.

Steel Swords: Gets the job done. There are better made swords of better steel but in the right hooves or claws they are just as good as any other sword.

Siege Chariots: Pulled by large teams of Earth Ponies these weapons of war often have catapults or cannons strapped to them and fired on the run. Some of shoddy build and known to collapse in combat.

Due to levies being workers from Baron's mines and farms mass raising of levies often puts a dent in the national output. Around 30% of levies are professional soldiers of a Baron's own personal army with the rest being workmen.


Note: As mentioned before the National Army makes up a small part of the full wartime military of the Griffon Empire. Only around 20% of the whole military potential is in the National Army.



War Theme Song: Two Steps from Hell – Protectors of Earth


Current events affecting country: Proxy war to eradicate the last Zebra Baron in the Southwest




And I've finally made the Character:



Atlas is in my sig

Atlas defected from Equestria after a large amount of thought and an offer from the Emperor: a Royal Pardon in the Kingdom, a place to stay, and an unofficial position of secondary Minister of Foreign Affairs. The caught was simple: work as the Foreign Minister when needed and keep up his work he’d done in the Lower Kingdom before. Atlas accepted and packed his bags, notified his network, and sent his papers to the Equestrian Government stating his change in citizenship.

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As soon as the mayor is created and approved your nation should be good Skbl. But first, Mayor needs to be created and then approved.


Sounds good; I don't know when I'll have a vector ready, but I'll get the Mayor's profile up soon. Also, does the "gunpowder at the newest"-tech rule apply only to military tech?


Edit: Bronze Cane's profile is now up. No vector yet, unfortunately.

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Alrighty, Defiant Shadow seems to be in order so consider em approved ^.^


As soon as the mayor is created and approved your nation should be good Skbl. But first, Mayor needs to be created and then approved.


I like the wolven nation, but 1 thing. I'd like to keep Military tech on the Medieval side. Gunpowder being the highest. I mean you technically can have an airforce, but you'll have to get creative with that. Just change some of the military tech up and should be good. I can see some interesting politics developing between my nation and this one lol. Perhaps war or alliance, all things depending...


I meant more personality AND history for both Silentflight and Blackfire. Blackfire = Personality + History. Silentflight = Personality + History. You've gotten two parts done just do two more and we should be good : )


Illusive, I'll need a bit more personality on Ismina


Crystal Tower, I scowled when I saw teleporting but smiled when you added fatigue. So pretty good balance power-wise. I guess he could be considered Approved : D Just don't OP the powers in RP. : )


Amber, for your nation I'd like a little bit more detail on well, most things. Look at my nation, The Wolven Empire, and skbl's port Impala for an example of descriptiveness if need be. Sounds good, just very vague to me ^.^" Add a bit more and you should get the thumbs up : D Also 2 Primary resources just means the most common resources or the ones that the nation can easily get its hooves/hands/claws on. Also if they are a peaceful nation, I wouldn't expect them to have a powerful military. You might consider toning it down to an average or poor military. Peace weakens military in general .3.

Ragarding their military-- I put that in because they're currently undergoing huge political changes, because they just kicked out their last leader (who used their military power) and are getting used to their new leader (who is yet to be rid of it). It's in transition, I guess.

Regarding everything else: Sorry if it was too brief. I figured your still get the idea of my nation without it being tl;dr. >_>' I mean, it's basically pony Russia. But I've added more.

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I'm just a normal pony.... All this political talk is confusing meh. I've been looking at the nations and my OC (profile pic) would fit into any of them. She is just a woodworker who doesn't know what danger is. She is also socially awkward and will refuse to work with anything but wood. Her name is Clockwork McTickery and yea...

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Nation Name: Sovneigh Union
Government Type: Dictatorship
Ruler(s) and title(s): Supreme Leader Defiant Shadow
Environment: North east of Equestria, the Sovneigh Union is an expanse of plains and forest. The plains are fertile for crops while the exterior forests are cut down for wood. The interior of the forests contain dangerous wild animals that few ponies ever go to meet. Mines also dot the landscape as they are harvested for various metal ores for the industry. Cities contain huge industrial zones which belch out goods and toxins into the atmosphere, causing various problems nearby. Winters are sometimes harsh but, the ponies that work in the fields are used to it.
Two Primary Resources: Arms and Metals
Two Scarce Resources: Gold and Gems
General Race Composition: 40% Earth Pony, 40% Pegasi, 20% Unicorn
General Race Description: The minority unicorns are typically part of the upper class, getting more leadership positions in the industry and military. Their lives are full of splendor and high class elegance. However, the pegasi and Earth ponies are part of the lower rungs. Majority of these races must spend all of their lives working or serving under arms. Few do make it to the leading positions like pegasi are the typical leaders of the the air force, since they understand how air warfare works. Ponies working the farms tend to be of a stronger build since they have to spend their entire lives working the land. The poor industrial Earth pony workers in the cities are the weakest of the races, as they are paid little and must live on little. very few are actually conscripted from the poor, and even then are sent to do the grunt work. The poor pegasi are slightly stronger than the poor Earth ponies, since they have to manage the weather and manufacturing in the air.
General Race Personality: Everypony is withdrawn and do not speak very often in public in fear of disappearing the next night. Even at home, interactions in the family are very small, thanks to the constant fear that any member of the family may be a changling. Any new ponies that arrive is regarded with even more suspicion, and extra surveillance. The populace fear their leader but trust in him to make the right decisions thanks to a majority serving in the military. 
Two Primary Nation Traits: Warlike and Industrious
Culture and Description: The culture surrounds the leader. Everything about Shadow is perfect in the eyes of the constant propaganda that is aimed to the masses, and each pony that has served in the military follows him blindly. Anypony that works for a living lives in fear of the consequences of defying their great leader. Arts and entertainment must be approved by officials before it can be circulated to the public. 
Foreign Policy: The Sovneigh Union likes to interact with other governments such as itself, supplying excess arms to other nations that are no threat to themselves. The Iron however is tentatively traded, only ever given up if the resource the nation is on the table. 
History: The Soveigh Union is a relatively new nation, previously ruled by a monarchy that was overthrown 25 winters ago. The monarchy was taking advantage of the poor farmer ponies in the outside of the cities and soon a war broke the faith in the leadership. The war was disastrous for the old empire, and it soon the monarchs were assassinated by Defiant Shadow's father. He soon took over the weakened nation and swiftly brought peace to the land. Initially, elections and democracy was promised to the ponies, but as the years bore on, Shadow's father killed any political opponents and installed himself as leader for life.


Even though not politically free, the nation was rapidly modernized and the economy soon boomed. Industry blossomed and ponies began moving to the cities for better lives. As the cities grew in population, life in general improved. Even the old courts was reinstated for ponies to voice very minor concerns about the government, since any major complaints resulted in disappearance. 


All was well until Shadow's father was assassinated in court by a rebel. This led to major sweeping changes in the nation. The new leader, Defiant Shadow, was scarred for life seeing his father killed right in front of his eyes, so he instated a secret police force to keep an eye on the populace. He even conquered a nearby changling lands to make his police even more efficient. The military began conscripting anypony of age and training them in the art of combat. Everypony in the the ranks was instilled with deep national pride and loyalty to the one true leader. Anypony not in the military ranks were considered non patriotic and sentenced to work either the farms or the low end, dangerous industrial jobs for very little pay. 

Quality of Life: For the governmental and high ranking positions, life is good. They make plenty of money to buy goods and resources for themselves and lead great lives. Anypony doing grunt work in the farms or factories tend to live in poor conditions and make little pay. 
Military Power: With a large military numbers to count on, it is quite a powerhouse. The general tactic is to swamp the enemy with bodies til they relent. All the soldiers are equipped with modern weapons and have the training to boot. If invaded, most civilians are able to fight thanks to conscription and being held in reserve.
Relations with other Nations: Relations are yet to be determined.
Current events affecting country: A failed assassination attempt on Defiant Shadow has led to massive purges in the populace. Many ponies are disappearing into the night and it seems a rebellion is forming in the forest.

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I'm seeing a lot of similar countries. ^^' A lot cold winter nations filled with wild animals and such. It'd be cool if somepony could bring in an Italy-esque country or something, for variety.

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And our countries are very similar. Yours seems to be Russia coming out of the Cold War era, while mine is the Soviet Union :lol:

Yeah, and then OP's nation is a "cold north" type of thing, too.
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Who is OP's nation? So many cold northern nations, may have to limit how many northern nations XD

Just meant to inform you if your OC character has been accepted you may start RPing in the commonfolk thread. However, you may not do anything with your nation until it has been approved and accepted.

Firehearted, you must submit your OC characters before your nation. I can't do anything with this until your characters are reviewed and maybe approved.


Bronze Cane should be good. Approved.


Amberdust, your nation seems to be in order. Approved. Just be careful not to mary/gary-sue your nation .3.


Derplight, I like your nation, but I need to clarify something. The most modern weapons here are Gunpowder. Like muskets and cannons and such. Is that alright?

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I'll have to check this all probably some time this week.


So far I have Port Impala up in the nation Info section so Port Impala is accepted (I had to type everything word for word because my copy and paste doesn't work)


Speaking of that, that is why this is taking so long to get some of your nations up.


Illusive, I'll need you to be more descriptive in military and I don't want weapons tech past Gunpowder age. Muskets, cannons, mortars, etc. You can have armored ships. Also describe military uniforms and behavior, tactics, etc. Also still need more personality for Ismina before she can be accepted.


Wolven I guess you can be considered accepted but highest weapons tech is gunpowder age tech. You can have aircraft and such, but nothing real machine-like. (Meaning no armored tanks or warships powered by nuclear energy or anything like that) Keep it relatively medieval-ish to renaissance period. You can have armored vehicles it just needs to be powered by either physical pony power or even unicorn magic. Something that can be disabled.


Still need more personality AND history for both Silent and Blackfire. That means personality AND history for Silent. And personality and history for Blackfire. Should be good then :3


I'll check your character and nation tomorrow or whenever I get free time, Firehearted.

This goes for everyone, please try and bear with me. This is a lot of info for me to go over and process and I have RL things as well. On top of that my internet is super slow (Running on Dial-up still x.x) So just bear with me and I promise you this will all work out well : D

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Nice. I love it. Consider your nation approved, but I have yet to put it in the Nation info thread. This will take some time so be patient with meh ^.^"

Okay, Sovneigh, Konyush, and Port Impala have been accepted as nations.


Any nations or OCs that I have accepted that I forgot to post to either the nation info section or the main page of this thread?

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Arkman is correct, you may start when approved. I'm holding off until a few of you kickstart it. Yes the paragliders and such should be fine Arkman : )

I'm skeptical of your nation Firehearted, so I need to debate some things about it. Im fearing it might be too powerful but you do have some interesting, exploitable flaws. So Im in debate. Your OC's..... Hmmm I guess they are alright.

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@@The Shadow Stallion,


If it's the rifles and cannons there aren't many. Most of the National Army is armed with swords or spears with about 25% being Rifle Divisions. The sky turtles are also rare and if there was a full-scale war they would only be able to affect small battles and couldn't change the tide of the war or anything. Anyone who uses the gear in the Baron's Armies aren't very good with them and often times they fail easily.


Overall the National Army makes up about 20% of the entire Griffon Army in a full-scale war where all men of nobility have been called to raise levies. Raising levies also affects the nation's general output of food and metals as the levies are many times literally farms handed a spear and pointed toward the front line.


If you want me too cut any of the military back I will or if there's anything else that's a bit too powerful I can cut that back as well.



I threw together the Emperor a bit fast and I really don't have him developed that well yet. Atlas isn't even meant to be in this kind of scenario but he was the best option without making another shoddy character. 

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