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Okay, I'm looking for 4 other OC's to join the RP. Lemme tell you guys a story....

Once upon a time, in the land of Aries lived 2 young princesses who were also Angels that lived in the heavens. One named Starite, the other named Comet. Starite rose the sun and stars meanwhile Comet rose the moon and mist. All the praise was given to Starite being older and much more beautiful than her younger sister while also holding more responsibility. She was always under the spotlight but never showed even a pinch of evil. Comet was always jealous and wanted to crush her. She turned into her evil form and changed her name to Meteor Strike. She created a gem that was supposed to swap anybody's soul with an evil spirit. She disguised it as a ring and gave it to her sister. Now, Meteor has tried to trick Starite into many things, but Starite still trusted her sister. She put the ring on but instead of becoming evil, her power was boosted enough to banish her sister to the Hades Castle. Upon that time, Meteor created more gems, but none of them worked. Out of anger, she sent them to Earth on a Comet now known as the Celestial Comet (I don't know if that exists but if it does then this isn't really true) Now, 5 high school students almost get crushed by the comet and encounter the rings. They put them on and were given the magical powers they hold. When Meteor escapes her banishment, what will the ring holders do? Also, this is in the EQG world so, no ponies.

Now here is the application:



Also, put some suggestions about what powers they get.

That's it! First come first serve so sign up fast!

I'm playing as Meteor Strike and my OC Crystal.

Here is the magic that they get after they put on the rings

Angel Wings

Levitation, Teleportation, Magical Lazer Blasts, basically all of the stuff unicorns can do.


And other stuff you guys suggest

So right now the time is right before the comet hits us.


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Name: Chain Brace

personality: very nice, loves the thought of magic, hates doing things last minute, good with money, gets a little emotional, cant handle lots of power as well as others, can swich moods very rapidly


I like this RP and now looking back I will add somethings to my OC


OC page because its messing up for some reason http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/chain-brace-r7491

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Sorry, my computer broke (stupid puppies) and I'm now using an iPad. I guess it's not dead! Anyways, Starchase... Um. Is this how the normal human Starchase would act, because his personality doesn't really fit in. Also, Chain Brace is accepted. Now let me create the actual thingy :)

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(A modified application from another human RP)


Name: Adam Chase

Based on this OC http://mlpforums.com...starchase-r7595


Personality: (will tweak personality since he's human now) Polite, friendly, Defensive, Sensitive, Poetic, prone to moments of self doubt, will question his faith in humanity in times of crisis and gets very emotional but is quite YOLO and may do stupid and childish things. His emotions control him.

Appearance: Almost always in T shirt and jeans. Wears converse and occasionally his doc martens. He is a huge fan of coats and scarves.

Bio: He was born to a well off family. His parents are divorced. He went to a posh boarding school and below average in his class. He's a literature student (maybe a transfer student for this RP)

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