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S02:E24 - MMMystery on the Friendship Express


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This is silly and isn't really flattering towards anyone - do these people really have so little self-control? - but I think the moral is great, and a lot of what's on offer here is just really funny. Pinkie and Twilight sleuthing with the bubble pipe is great, but the real star is Pinkie's wild accusations. She's just so creative, even though it's kinda rude to make things up on the fly like that. I've always found this one a little lightweight, and that mostly comes down to the immature character behaviour, but I've also always found it funny, and it's hardly incompetent like "Putting Your Hoof Down" or something. More about the journey than the destination, which the episode makes zero effort to hide. I think this one gets a bit of a bad rap. 


Entertainment: 8/10

Characters: 5/10

Themes: 9/10

Story: 6/10

Overall: 70/100

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Joe Bond 007: Goldencake

too many bloody references in one episode. O-O

Well... buck. *sigh*  I suppose it had to happen sometime, right?  I mean, no show is perfect; even the best have their duds.  But gosh bucking dang it, why did it have to come in Season 2, a season s

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Er, my headcanon is that this entire episode was Pinkie’s dream. That explains everything. Really, I know it’s supposed to be a fun episode, but the behavior of the eaters is just horrible. I feel bad for the Cakes.

I did like... “Stop, thief! *Bang!* Are you alright, thief?”

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This episode was decent. The biggest problem is all of Pinkie's stories about who could've eaten the cake are filler. That's the ENTIRE second act that could be removed with no change to the story. Along with that, the "mystery" was barely a mystery because Twilight hid all of the clues.

That said, the second act was the best part of the episode despite being filler. And the rest of the episode was at least amusing.

Score: 6/10

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I like this one. The jokes are pretty good and there's more of that Twilight and Pinkie dynamic. Sure, the entire second act is filler, and there's no way for the audience to follow along with the clues since Twilight hides them all, but the episode doesn't focus on the mystery. It's about the jokes and fun. In that I think it succeeds. Except for the third act. All it is is saying who did it. Not bad, but boring.

Overall, it's good, but nothing great.

Score: 7/10


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Fun, solid episode.  One of those simple, fun, cute, silly, fun episodes of little consequence.  Nothing to analyze, no character or lore development, nothing to deconstruct.  It's nice to have one of those once in awhile.  Just some simple, olde tyme, classic, old school pony fun.  Not of one my favorites, but good.

Incidentally, it still kills me inside that Rarity wears false eyelashes.  It's just... sad somehow....  :(

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This episode features many very delicious desserts. It's a good episode and it's fun watching it. It's really hard for me to not like it, but nothing of consequence happens here. So I cannot say it belongs to the top tier episodes of season 2.

For me this episode just feels like the calm before the storm with the season 2 finale.

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Oh god this one was hilarious, for the entire time I suspected Pinkie was the culprit but it turned out almost everyone was guilty and they all made one really good cake at the end that Pinkie swallowed WHOLE...LOL. 

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That deleted scene really should've been included since the episode feels off and kinda incomplete without it. I am, of course, referring to this.

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