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Hello Every pony. I thought i can bring something up for my project that is in progress. it Might take while to do this but i want to get this up and running so far i have 20 Bronies that are helping me with this and i just want more help to get this project running. 


                 Five Nights at Blu's: Crossover fan film


This is a crossover film of Five nights at Freddys and MLP i got this idea from the Mike Schmidt comics at tumbler and i have to say it is very well done so i want to make my own version with a OC the reason why is i want to be more original and that is made by me and our team and i just love the idea of this project now another thing is Blu Spark why is he a wolf well the reason is it is part of the story that he can change to a pony and a wolf like a ware wolf so it works like that and why is my OC a wolf i just love wolfs and i got this from Dr wolf with more of a original look and that is what the project is. but my little toon is a canceled project why well that idea does not work and its just to random but Five nights at blu's will.


PLOT: The Plot is about a Blue Colt turn in to a Animatornic and turn back to life. The plot starts that Blu was Bitten in the Bite of 87. Foxy put the Blue colt in a spare blue wolf suit. Blu was a Animatronic for a very long time he was possessed by the fith child as he gets very angry. He wished that he was alive and see alot of great things in Equestria so hey climbs up to the roof and hears a voice that would guide him to life. 3 years later Blu is a alive pony/ wolf he has a bad apartment and a very bad job he works at Freddy Fazbear Pizza and so far got a raised to the day Shift. he also has a meeting at Las Pegasus so he fly's away with his wings but a bad storm comes in a a flash of lighting hits his wings as he crashed at a village could Ponyville. he has not that much bits as he bought a cupcake at Sugarcube Corner. he meets the mane six as they where giving him a welcome to Ponyville. blu just left and goes to the train station to buy a ticket he lost his ticket he heard a voice somepony said they have a extra ticket  the mane six have one so Blu goes with them for a big adventure of his life.          



  • Animators/Artist
  • Editors 
  • Script Writers
  • Musicians
  • Sound Designers 
  • Voice actors/ actress  




Some one Dies


COMMUNICATIONS: I have a group called nightmare studios so add me on skype by darcybelle3 and the name is Biscuit and we are good see yea there 


VOICE-OVER ROLES: i Will have roles and if you want to do a roll please post it : >



Main Protagonists

  • Blu Spark - OPEN ()
  • Twilight Sparkle  - OPEN ()
  • Fluttershy  - OPEN ()
  • Pinkie Pie  - OPEN ()
  • Rarity  - OPEN ()
  • Apple Jack  - OPEN ()
  • Rainbow Dash  - OPEN ()
  • Spike  - OPEN ()

Supporting Protagonists

  • Princess Celestia - OPEN ()
  • Princess Luna - OPEN ( )
  • Derpy Whooves - OPEN ()
  • Discord  - OPEN ()
  • Dr Hooves - OPEN ()
  • Freddy - OPEN ()
  • Bonnie - OPEN ()
  • Chica - OPEN ()
  • Foxy - OPEN ()
  • The Puppet/ Marionette - OPEN () 

 Main Antagonist

  • Golden Freddy - OPEN ()
  • Toy Freddy - OPEN ()
  • Toy Bonnie - OPEN ()
  • Toy Chica - OPEN ()
  • Toy Foxy/ Mangle  - OPEN ()
  • Purple Stallion - OPEN ()

Other Characters (Some of these characters will have short or long roles)

  • Cmc  - 3 OPEN ()
  • Apple Bloom  - OPEN ()
  • Scootaloo - OPEN ()
  • - Sweetie Belle - OPEN ()
  • Bon Bon - OPEN ()
  • Lyra - OPEN ()
  • Dj Pon 3/ Vinyl Scratch - OPEN ()
  • Octavia - OPEN () 



  • Director - @Biscuit
  • Assistant Director - @kiwi
  • Writer - @Biscuit
  • Editor(s)/Script Writers - @ice chan,@nightmare
  • Film/Film Editor -
  • Special Effects Editor -
  • Animators/Artists -
  • Musician(s) -  @lightingrunner
  • Sound Designers/Editors(s) -



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I suppose you got my details already, with my MLP voice clips and my skype details (don't forget to check you PM, dude). But, yeah, just in case...



Are any of these male characters been taken yet? Any FNAF characters available?

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