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What Level of Brony are you? (Chart)

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  1. 1. What level are you?

    • Derpy Whooves
    • Derpy/Pinkie
    • Pinkie Pie
    • Pinkie/Rainbow
    • Rainbow Dash
    • Rainbow/Twilight
    • Twilight
    • Twilight/Rarity
    • Rarity
    • Rarity/Fluttershy
    • Fluttershy
    • Fluttershy/Apple Jack
    • Apple Jack

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Between Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. I do have several pieces of merchandise; however, I don't have as much as I would like. XD I don't give a flying buck who knows if I'm a pegasister and openly display my ponies around the house.

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I'm like Rainbow/Fluttershy.  I really love ponies, but I avoid bringing it up around people who don't know about my love of them (or anyone really), but if someone were to find out I would brush it off as no big deal.

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Derpy. I fill pretty much all of the requirements. Well I don't just listen to pony songs but there was a time when that very much was the case.


What can I say? This show profoundly changed my life and I champion it as a positive force for good.

  • Brohoof 1
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I'd say I am 85% Twilight, 15% Rainbow in this case. I'm most calm and measured in my love for the show, but I do own SOME merchandise and I do have my bits of enthusiasm from time to time. ^^

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I would say based on that chart, I'm pretty much an interesting mix of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash level...

Fluttershy in the general public (much like my personality in the general public as well. >3<), and Rainbow Dash at home and when around friends.

Pretty much as humble as I can get when describing that I guess.  :fluttershy:

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I'd be Twilight, I guess.  Except also with the thing on Rainbow's about having at least one toy on a shelf, except I have three shelves now, and there are over 200 of them (if you count EqGs).  And throw in a bit of Fluttershy for good measure.  

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The Rainbow Dash level fits me to a tee, so I'm going with that. I don't really care what other's think, and I love the show, so yeah. The only merchandise I have is this Twilight Sparkle vinyl figure that's on my shelf, and a mini Big Mac reskin figure that was given to me by my cousin.

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I don't have any of the merch and I don't plan on going to any cons. That could change but not in the immediate future, I think, although I'm sure my daughter would love to go. She loves stuff like that.


I'm actually relieved to say that I'm a Twilight! That surprises me because I was a little worried I was an Applejack but then I read the descriptions so, yeah, I'm feeling good about it.

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   I am between, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle, I watch the show and I am a fan, but as far as merchandise goes, I have a Rainbow Dash and Daring Do shirt, some DVDs and I am sort of active in the fandom, I don't think I will ever reach Derpy level, I just don't have that sort of energy nor euphoria.

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I found this fancy dancy chart on twitter, and i want to know where you bronies fall. 


Hopefully none are Apple Jack :P

-I am Rainbow Dash, there is no better way to describe it. I have one piece of merch, and it DOES sit on my bedroom shelf. And whataya know, its Rainbow Dash :D



Why is Rarity the soso choice? if I had to go with anything I'd go with either Rarity or Twilight Sparkle. Far as I'm concerned. Level 1. After going thru and watched every episode of seasons 1 thru 4 and realized that I actually liked it. Then I came here and guess that ups to uh level 2 I guess? Now Level 3 is getting redirected here and then creating a profile and a "bronysona" for my username here dubbed SuperBrony87 and hoping no one has already thought of it. It was accepted so guess it was okay. I'd say I'm at level 3. or 4 now that I think of it... Is getting really immersed in the show and utterly obsessed with everything MLP and all things Rarity. Never mind them old girly versions of MLP before FiM. Did you know Rarity was, as well as Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are running characters? Yeah they got alter egos... They're just not the way you think? Final verdict just because I decided to humor myself and play spot the Tabitha St. Germain in these MLP with her not being Rarity. No Rarity is in but she's a little girl. Tabitha St. Germain plays the town garderner... I guess and I am still working on getting thru the shows ALL the way doing it for the Tabitha Rarity. Get this Rainbow Dash in this one is the one who likes to be fabulous and look good. HAHA if you like Rainbow Dash don't watch anything pre FiM. Unless you wanna good snicker? At how ridiculous the idea that she's not even a pegasus in this show. and likes dresses and doing her hair? LOL Pinkie Pie's a party girl but not as wild or crazy as her FiM version. and Rarity is a here but is a princess but not a uh Tabitha St. Germain... She's here but it's like Where's Waldo... But more like Where's Tabitha? 

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oh geez, I'm a combination of four... here's what I am from each.


Rainbow dash: I do, in fact, think the show is awesome, but I give several flying figs about people who think otherwise because I hate being judged by people, I also have no merch, as that would mean coming out of the brony closet, at least, to my parents, anyway.


Twilight sparkle: I do enjoy the show, (like I said before, it's awesome.), but I am (secretly) an active member of the fandom, and if someone asked me about it in real life without me being 100% sure they are also a brony, my reaction would not be "sure" it would be "nope. :mellow: " 


Rarity: I would consider the show a "guilty pleasure" as the way I watch it is alone in my room (I have to specifically say "alone" because my brother and I share a room.) with the volume turned way down. I have watched most of the episodes, I'm currently in the middle of watching magic duel (Trixie is back, yay!) but MLP is definably not just a "time killer", it's actually my second favourite show, first being doctor who, and I would watch it more often if I wasn't so afraid of people seeing me do so.


Fluttershy: this show is definitely a secret, known only by you guys and about 3 of my friends who also watch MLP, so not exactly NO ONE can know, but I have to be 100% sure they either watch it or are aright with me watching it and wont tell anyone.

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