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What Level of Brony are you? (Chart)

Green Precision


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  1. 1. What level are you?

    • Derpy Whooves
    • Derpy/Pinkie
    • Pinkie Pie
    • Pinkie/Rainbow
    • Rainbow Dash
    • Rainbow/Twilight
    • Twilight
    • Twilight/Rarity
    • Rarity
    • Rarity/Fluttershy
    • Fluttershy
    • Fluttershy/Apple Jack
    • Apple Jack

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I even sang "Discord" in the car with a friend a couple weeks ago, that was so much fun! Said friend isn't even a brony but he's learned the song thanks to me and thinks it's awesome. Seriously we didn't miss a line. :P

That sounds like fun! :3

I'm definitely a Pinkie :3 I have a few little bits of merch here and there...some posters, the Seasons 1-4 DVDs, a few coloring books, the MLP Monopoly game (the "tokens" of which are lined up on my desk :3), the Funko POP Twilight and a few other random things, and MLP leggings that probably won't fit me much longer :/ Oh well!

And I know a few people who like MLP who are around my age, including a young brony who's the same age as me :3 Last time I bothered to ask, his favorite pony was Fluttershy. X3

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Wait can someone care to explain to me why Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and of all people Twilight, are on the bottom end of this tier rating?  :huh:  :pout:  :(  :adorkable:


I'm calling horse dung on this poll.

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Wow, just look at the Poll!


I love how that works, it shows that the majority fall into the Pinkie Range (Well Brony) or rainbow Dash brony (Chill brony) While some went even further into full out bronytastic! 


And no one is apple jack, which is kinda what i expected. 

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    Not saying I'd visit a BronyCon or buy MLP merchandise... But I will say MLP has definitely grown on me. I'm not really open to telling all who don't know that I am a Brony... not only that but also a SuperBrony87... Like, they don't even know and that's probably the best.

    I feel the need to keep my feelings secret around them or other websites... Here, it's safe and I could ramble on in to great lengths about Rarity, my favorite of The Mane Six or other things MLP as often as I wish. I am not die hard into the fandom but seeing how many characters I can find who have been M.L.P sized. What does that tell you every pony?

      Look, I just voted myself along the lines of Twilight Sparkle/Rarity... Something I neglected the first time I was in this thread... Starting out, I truly was at level Rarity, but time passed and Rarity is suddenly all up in my mind... I fear I'm obsessed? I really hope that's as far as it goes, and that I don't start acting like her? I'd never live that down... I used to do that when I'd like a character usually a male character and pretend to be them... You do that though and it's easy to forget who you really are. Then you find yourself on some quest to rediscover who you really are and I'm just glad I'd revert back to my normal self when I did pretend. It's like Halloween... You're you when it's November 1st... Thank you.


 This has been SuperBrony87 and I'm a big ol' macho, brawny, super brony.... Thanks for reading! YEAH!!!!!

    Keep Calm and Love Rarity Every Pony! :D

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I'm not sure what level I'd be exactly. Probably somewhere between Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie on that scale on the first page. I'm not afraid to admit that I like MLp. I've seen every episode at least ones, and i own about 9 different plushies of them (all on my bed, and I don't mean in any sort of dirty way). I have several drawings of MLP I've done that can be seen on my deviantART account, and I also have a pair of alicorn Twilight earrings. I'd wear them every day if I could, but the job I have doesn't allow jewelry to be worn.

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Imma Twilight le Sparkle. (The French version) Woi hon! Okay seriously though. I'm pretty chill about it so, yeah Twilight. ^^

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I LOVE MLP but I'm Twilight Sparkle level... yes, I hide my Pony love as much as possible. I come onto this site a lot and draw ponies from time to time but I'm not as active in the fandom as I want to be, I guess. :P


Oh well; I watch MLP every day.  :)

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