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Have you ever overslept for school

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"Have you ever overslept past your wake-up time?"   "Have you ever breathed?"

A few times.  Once it was a saturday and my mom woke me for school and wouldn’t listen to me (surprise surprise) when I said it was Saturday. She had me eat breakfast and get dressed before she fina

I did in dreams but never in real life

I’ve never overslept for school because my mom would never let me. I rarely took the bus so I had to be ready when she was so she could drive me there. I never had an alarm clock and never needed one. I faked being sick to avoid school and snuck out of school once I was there a few times, but wake up time was a tough one to beat.

(Is 'snuck' a legitimate word?) :ooh:

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My mom would always wake me up for high school and before, so I never overslept until college. I'm currently a junior, and have overslept since the beginning of my freshman year, and for the most part, it just meant arriving a few minutes late. The first semester of my sophomore year was the worst, since there was class I'd often miss, and I ended up with a C- from said class as a result.

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