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Open Everfree Mischief

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We ventured in, we ventured out. It was the Everfree Forest we were delting with, but we were youngsters at that time. Knew nothing of common sense. Ever since that Element of Harmony thing, we got our minds controlled by magic and thought there was some "stuff" in the Everfree. I have one thing to tell you, the Everfree Forest ain't been restored, yet. They're gonna do somethin' about it soon. I'm sure of it...

Queen Meanie was the manager of SSM Inc. SSM stands for Say Something Mean. She created a holographic system that would allow somepony to say something mean to another pony anonymously. Some say she had magic, not normal unicorn magic. She had EVERFREE magic. Everfree Magic is EVIL magic. Nopony dared to touch it since older times. Not even Starswirl wanted to delt with its consequences. A small group of ponies went out to find that magic and bring it back to Ponyville so they could bask in its glory, maybe, they didn't know what would happen if they found it. They barely knew what they would do with it. They just, did it.

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