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Welcome to the equestria.tv subforum! Here is where you will get a little explanation on what equestria.tv is and what you can expect from this subforum.



To start off, Equestria.tv is pony-video sharing site that allows users to create their own ‘channels’ where they can embed videos onto and host a chat for users in that channel to talk in.


In equestria.tv our main ‘channel’ for official site events is called the CMC Clubhouse, this is where the classic Friday movie night event is held, and of course our Saturday event called Unscripted Saturday.


Friday movie night has been going on for years now so the event itself has gone through quite a journey. The event is fairly self-explanatory from it’s name. On a certain time (usually 6pm ET) at least 2 movies are shown for the enjoyment of those in the channel. Of course, watching is only half the fun since there are always hilarious interactions going on in the chat.

On Unscripted Saturdays, the event usually involves some sort of game or extra movie being played with the EqTV staff. We even do live comic readings and try to feature special guests from other parts of poniverse too!




One of our threads in this sub-forum is our movie poll and suggestion thread where all users of MLP Forums can suggest the movies they want to see. There are rules of course to what kind of movies you can suggest and you can read them all in the thread itself.

A poll will go up where users can then vote for the movies they want to see. There is no limit to how many movies you can vote for, just make sure you only vote for movies you want to see!

Movies can be suggested at any time but the poll has a rough schedule of being opened on early Monday and then being closed on early Thursday.




Another thing we use this sub-forum for is our announcement threads for each individual movie night or set of events. For every movie night an announcement thread will be put up on the day which features information such as the movies being played, the times and any other events that may come between. Information about certain plans for Unscripted are also sometimes displayed there.


There are of course rules, but most of it is pretty basic stuff that you should already be following in the forum itself. Keep in mind that in addition to the main channel, there are also rules for creating channels as well.



CMC Clubhouse Channel Rules


Tolerate and love everypony. While we don't quite mean this in the literal sense, we do ask that you remain respectful of other people's opinions and realize that they are, at the end of the day, just opinions rather than grounds for declaring thermonuclear war. Don't flame, don't troll, and you'll be fine.

Keep the foul language down. Swearing is not forbidden on Equestria.tv, but we kindly ask that you keep it to a minimum. Not only is swearing out of place in the My Little Pony universe, but some fans who visit this site may be much closer to the target age than you and will not enjoy seeing the F-Bomb drop on their screen. Racial or other derogatory terms against other members, groups, or other entities with the intention of slandering are more or less prohibited as well.

NSFW and rule 34-type content is strictly forbidden. Got a fetish involving ponies? We don't care if you do; however, we politely ask that you keep all fetishistic, pornographic, and other "not safe for work" material off of here.

Do not post links to pirated material. This includes torrents and links to direct downloads on cloud storage services. Not only do laws pertaining to piracy change periodically and vary from country to country, we also want to respect the rights and hard work of content creators.

Do not spam. That means no consecutive identical messages, spamming one letter/word/symbol, random typing (werijgoji’qwl), or just unnecessary nonsense. Keep in mind that constant complaining/arguing also counts as spam.

Do not sock puppet. In other words, don't use multiple accounts at the same time, or pretend to be someone else.

Keep discussion on topic. Our events are for watching movies and ponies together, not random chat. Try to keep all discussion at least somewhat related to the video.

Do not Roleplay. There are plenty of other sites for that purpose. In fact, there is even an RP section on MLP Forums.

No spoilers. This event is supposed to be fun for people who both have and have not watched the movie(s), please take care in not ruining the experience for the latter people. Whatever you do, do NOT give away anything important that has yet to happen in the movie, even if you don’t know, and/or just joking.


If you break a rule once, you get a verbal warning. If you continue to break the rules, you get kicked. If you still insist on breaking the rules after being kicked, you get banned from the site.


Global Site Rules


Channel Creation and Usage

  • Users creating their own channels must abide by the following rules above:

    • Tolerate and love everypony

    • Keep the foul language down

    • NSFW and rule 34-type content is strictly taboo

    • Do not post links to pirated material

All other rules (besides the ones set forth in this section) are optional outside of the CMC Clubhouse and are at the discretion of the channel creator.

  • Channels may be publicly hidden but are subject to being monitored or moderated by a site administrator at any time.

  • Channel administrators and moderators may warn, kick, or ban users for any reason as long as it doesn't conflict with the rules in this section.


Channels infringing upon the rules may be forcibly unloaded by a site administrator and, depending on the severity, the creator may be warned or banned.


Event Hosting

  • Users may host their own events at any time in their own channels.

  • All requests to host events in our main channel (cmc_clubhouse) must be approved by a site administrator (APPLBL00M, TankTheTortoise, or Artemis) and must not conflict with our own events.

    • Event approval is subject to the discretion of a site administrator and may be rejected for ANY reason.

    • All events approved will be monitored by at least one channel moderator or administrator.

    • Events may be announced privately but anyone showing up uninvited must be allowed to stay unless they break the rules.



To create your own room on EqTV is pretty simple!

Go to our main page on Equestria.tv and you should find a ‘My Channel’ button which takes you to a place where it lists all of your channels, there you can enter in a name and voila!


From there you can do whatever you want with it, you can go through and look at options to see all the kind of things you can change to your liking. You can create your own emotes, chat filters, playlists, MOTD and a whole range of other options. If you need any help in making a channel you can contact @Yozer247

We hope you enjoy Equestria.tv and all it has to offer!

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