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Gaming Is Minecraft an RPG?

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Would you classify Minecraft as an Roleplay Game?


What I've noticed are several RPG elements within the game such as:


•character customization

•inventory slots (even ones for armor)

•villagers and how you must go out into the world to gather the items they request (sort of like "quests" in a way)


•different weapon levels

•potion brewing



All these features are one I've seen countless times in different medieval RPGs.

So what are your thoughts?

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Personally I wouldn't say it's a full RPG.

While it does contain some elements of an RPG game it's lacking some of the essentials for me such as:

-A levelling system.

-Large amount of character customisation.

-Obtainable gear (not the stuff you can craft).

-Multiple tough bosses.

-Large amount of adventure (such as finding towns and NPC's).


-Character stats and traits.

-Bosses dropping lot's of loot (I like my loot).

They're a few off the top of my head but being honest here RPG's are my favourite game genre out of them all so I can be a little overly critical about them sometimes  :lol: .

And yes there are mods for Minecraft that add in the features mentioned above but I'm talking about vanilla Minecraft lacking the features not modded Minecraft.

Sure some people might think it's an RPG though

Oh and a final note. Minecraft does have 2 bosses (wither and enderdragon) but that's just not enough bosses for me to count it :lol: . And the ender dragon egg is useless in vanilla Minecraft. they need to make a use for it eventually  :P .

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I wouldn't really call it an RPG, more like an action adventure game. People also confuse the Legend of Zelda as an RPG, which I also consider an action RPG game.


An Action RPG, maybe.

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If it's an RPG it's a very basic one. While elements are in the game that could suggest it being like an RPG (especially now, with all the updates) I still just think of it as a sandbox game  :)

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Minecraft can be a RPG, just very simple and with no real goal. I guess it is more like a sandbox RPG, with the ability to make your own worlds. That is what I described Minecraft as. But, you can make it like a real RPG if you make a custom world/map, for others to play that has RPG elements in it. I am sure there are custom worlds/maps, like that out there. There are adventure ones, survival, parkour, puzzle, even horror ones, though horror isn't very big right now for Minecraft, and other kind of custom worlds/maps. Minecraft is what you make it to be. That is the magic of Minecraft, it has so many possibilities. It is the one of the most popular and addicting games out there, and I can see why. No game I know of allow you, the player, to in a way, make your own games without having to programming them much. You can just build it, or use command blocks, but most of the programming is already done by Mojang. Actually, Roblox is the same as Minecraft, and can also be a RPG. Roblox and Minecraft, the two easiest games to make your own games with, I think. Most of the programming is done by the companies who made them.

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