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Lemon Slices

Thinking about creating a community for Human RPing purposes.

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I want to create an independent community for who want to write but feels limited here due to reestriction of just writing about ponies here.

I feel limited.

Who wanna join me, please answer.



Why do you want to create a Roleplay community if we already have everything here on MLPForums?

Because MLPForums is centered in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon. I want to create a RP community about humans. You create a human character, a complex backstory, hobbies, habilities, you can put even yourselves in it, no matter if you choose this planet in XIX century, a pos-apocaliptic world or... wow, there are so many things you can write! Because of that.


Why are you feeling so "limited"?

Ponies do not have hands. Cannot walk like humans. Don't have our technology, social conflicts... There are much to say. 


Why do you are asking me?

Because I am your friend, remember? We share the same commmunity, and are friends, no matter if I know your name or not. And people near me in real life hate writing, reading, creating stories....

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