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Would you watch a My Little Pony Sitcom?

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Something that I like most about mlp is the lack of the general sitcom situations, so many shows rely upon sexual references to be funny or entertaining. Whereas I find it boring and over done, mlp doesn't need those elements, however its still a great idea and I'd defiantly watch it but I think it would be so diffirent it couldn't be linked at all... (Plus in a sitcom Flash would probably get with Twi and that's a BIIIGGG NO from me)

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I dunno. The style and humour of FiM would not work for a sitcom - so I can't really see that being good. Like, could you even imagine what that'd look like?


*Pinkie walks into Twilight's castle with an umbrella hat*

Laugh Track

Twilight: Pinkie? It's not raining :o
Pinkie: Huh? Applejack told me she was cooking up a storm! :ooh:
Laugh Track

Twilight: Oh Pinkie. :twi:

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