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What made you happy today?


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Since we have one about anger, why not one about why we are happy? For the record, I did do a search of this and found nothing.


What made me happy was Gotcharocka and Duckie's* adorable twitter posts... even if they are in Japanese. XD Like, just seeing him post is enough to make me smile. Oh, and PelleK posted some twitter stuff too that made me happy as well. :D


*Duckie is my personal nickname for Jui of Gotcharocka in case you haven't realized.


Gotcharocka is my drug. If I even go five seconds without them... I feel like I'm going to die. DX


So, what made you guys happy today? :D

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I finally managed to fill up my first sketchbook of new year! Huzzah! :3


Usually I never fill up one due to depression, concentration issues that make drawing hard etc.


So I'm super happy I kept at it! Hopefully I can fill a second. :3

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I made plans to go to a Himalayan (Nepal/India/Tibet) Restaurant with the family this weekend, so that should be fun. I've never had that kind of food before, so I'm excited to try it for the first time in forever.

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I finally got a little Duck plushie to name after my adorable Duckie. <3 I'm so happy because now I have something to remind of him, and it makes me squeal. >w<






I was calling this little guy Jui THE Duckie, but I like Jui Duckie better. <3

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