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What's the worst song you've ever heard?


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THIS, infinity%!

People love this song and love singing it, and I can't STAND it! :scoots: I can't even understand what the lyrics are talking about. I thought I would once I got old enough, but it's still just as confusing as when I was a child.

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probably this terrible christmas song i heard over my work's speaker. cant remember the lyrics which is great, but the chorus was this repetitive line and there was like six chorus and i despise songs with alot of copy and paste choruses and nothing else

hopefully i never have to hear this song again. tho that probably means i'll have to quit my job..... which if i must do so to avoid hearing that song, i will.

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Staind - Intro

Not going to post it here due to language.  The final track off the 14 Shades of Grey album.  Annoying and boring guitar usage.  Along the attachment of very questionable lyrics.  Above all, it treats the listeners as fools so perfectly into thinking it starts the album:mlp_gag:  

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Blood on the Dancefloors entire discography belongs here. I can’t even post most of the songs on here due to how explicit some of them are. Also the fact that Dahvie has been exposed for being a predator, who is still messaging minors to this day on instagram, says a lot. Makes the explicit songs that much worse.

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On 2023-11-22 at 12:35 AM, Spark Thunderbass said:

There's all sorts of bad music I've heard in my time, some worse than others, but ultimately this is the first one that pops into mind whenever I think about it.

Next time I hear this abomination again, I will fucking slaughter a rabbit, I promise! :angry:

^_^ That's one of those songs that's so annoying I've actually started to like it.

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Actually, I take that back, this is just as worse as Dance Monkey!

Ughhhhh! :eww: You can probably already tell that I bloody hate anything that sounds so millennial and generic to the point where I don't want to listen to it any further, and anything from The Chainsmokers including this filth can go straight to hell!!! :Cozy: 

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