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Rank Your Favorite Days of the Week From Worst to Best


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Remember, worst to best. Give reasons if you want, mix it up a bit.


I'll begin.


7. Tuesday

6. Sunday

5. Saturday

4. Wednesday

3. Friday

2. Thursday

1. Monday- Most underrated day ever.


I hate weekends. Heh.

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Monday - Starting the week off is always hard

Thursday - There's so much anticipation for the weekend that it drives me insane

Tuesday - Second day into the week

Wednesday - At least you're halfway through

Sunday - Kind of a relaxing day. Get progressively worse as it goes on.

Friday - Even though it's a weekday, it's still thrilling.

Saturday - Epitome of the weekend

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7. Wednesday (I'm busy all day)

6. Monday

5. Thursday

4. Tuesday

3. Saturday (4h test :()

2. Friday

1. Sunday

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4.sunday (It's a free day, but you know that you have to work tomorrow and i hate that thought)




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7. Friday (the worst days of my life usually happen here)

6. Thursday (useless day)

5. Tuesday

4. Wednesday (Tuesday and Wednesday can usually be switched around)

3. Monday

2. Sunday

1. Saturday

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1. Monday- Back to the old grind.

2. Tuesday- 3 more days....Ugh.....

3. Wednesday- 2 more days.....

4. Thursday- One more day......

5. Sunday- I don't go to Sunday school. 

6. Friday- End of the week,baby! 

7. Saturday- Better than Sunday and Friday combined.

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7. Monday- I hate having to wake up so early in the morning and beginning the week is so tedious and difficult.

6. Tuesday- I don't really hate it but there is nothing really interesting about it in the slightest what so ever.

5. Thursday- (Surprised it wasn't Wednesday?)- It is soo hard having to wait for friday to come.

4. Wednesday- An okay day I guess and it is a nice feeling to be half way over with the week to come.

3. Sunday- A relaxing day to sleep in that as the day goes on you dread having to deal with the next day to come (monday)

2. Friday- Freaking Awesome! The week is finally over and you can finally sit back and enjoy yourself.

1. Saturday- Calm, Tranquil, Peaceful, Relaxing and all and all just allows me to enjoy myself in any sort of way I want to with out having to worry about the week or really have to do anything much.

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Here's mine:


1.) Friday: it's the farthest day from Monday which ends the school week.

2.) Saturday

3.) Thursday

4.) Wednesday

5.) Tuesday

6.) Monday

7.) Sunday: I'm catching up on homework for the week :S.

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1. Tuesday

2. Wednesday

3. Thursday

4. Friday

5. Saturday

6. Sunday

7. Monday


All that really has to be said Sunday and Monday is my weekend.. But Tuesdays I have to go back, and my sleep gets cut drastically because I have to wake up early for orchestra. I love orchestra, but in my current schedule format it makes Tuesday a real drag. =(

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I don't really have any preferences nowdays, as I am a hikkikomori and the days blend together.  During school, my preference was as follows:










Oh wait...it was worst to best?  Reverse the order.

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