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Rank Your Favorite Days of the Week From Worst to Best


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1: Monday: One does not simply do Mondays without dying

2: Wednesday: Middle of the week



5: Sunday: It's the weekend but Monday is tomorrow

6: Friday: Saturday, that's all I have to say

7: Saturday: The weekend (a.k.a everything awesome)

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Wednesday- The day my work week typically starts (Screw Hump-day)

Friday- Almost always Working... dead in the middle of my work-week so I'm always tired, and if I'm not working on Friday, I'm working the next day

Saturday- Always working, but closer to the end of my work days

Sunday- Always Working... But the last day in my work week

Tuesday- Usually off work, but I'll Have school on Tuesdays here soon

Thursday- Usually Working, also, I'll have school on Thursdays here soon.... But Thursday is my payday B)

Monday- No work, no school, just R&R


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Tuesday- The day between half of the week left and the beginning of the week is just horrible

Monday- It's okay for fresh new ideas and things to do, but I still don't like it.

Wednesday- The middle of the week is nice

Thursday- Day before Friday

Friday- (7 Am waking up in the morning) Day before weekend

Sunday- Weekend is over  :(

Saturday- Beginning of glorious weekend to enjoy myself.  :D

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  1. Saturday (the day we eat out the most on)

Friday (final day of school before weekend)

Monday (shortest school day of the week)

Sunday (no school)

Thursday (one day before Friday)

Wednesday (two days before Friday)

Tuesday (beginning of long school days)

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7. Tuesday - After Monday, the realization kicks in that it's still ages till the weekend. Also I have really boring lessons that day.

6. Monday - Need I say more? Start of school week, start of Paper Round week... bruh

5. Thursday - Just putting this here as I can't think of any other to put here. A bit of a dead day to me.

4. Wednesday - So I can look and think that I'm already half way to the weekend ^^

3. Friday - Name of the best song ever End of school week, it's all cool. (Also concert band practice is cool)

2. Sunday - No paper round. Lie in. Wake up at midday. Play FIFA for 5 hours. Pizza. It's all good.

1. Saturday - FOOTBALL. YES. Also I coach some younger kids on saturday morning which is cool. Also, PONIES! But mainly football. And then sit down at night to watch Match Of The Day and The Football League Show. Sweeeeet.

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My answer is somewhat simple:

1) Monday - First day of the school week

2) Tuesday - It follows monday

3) Wednesday - It is the middle of the week

4) Thursday - Not Friday

5) Sunday - Last day of the week before school on monday

6) Friday - Last day of the school week

7) Saturday - First day of the weekend.

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7. Monday: A very stressful day as I have to get from the city and back home. Plus where I go to work is not that fun.

6. Friday: It's more stressful than Monday as I hate working on Fridays, but then I realise that tomorrow is Saturday.

5. Sunday: A bit of a slow day and the realisation that I have to go on Monday tomorrow. It's nice to relax, however.

4. Tuesday: Nothing major happens, but I do get to work at a dog daycare and talk to my tutors on what I learnt so far.

3. Thursday: It's a day where I can leave work earlier and can relax for a bit. Still have to do house chores, though.

2. Wednesday: It's the only day when I can relax as much as I want. Nothing special really happens, unfortunately.

1. Saturday: Not much else to say. Relaxing is nice, especially after how stressful my work schedules are.

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I don't have any particular reasoning behind my answers. 

7 - Tuesday 

6 - Monday

5 - Thursday 

4 - Saturday 

3 - Wednesday 

2 - Friday

1 - Sunday

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  • 4 months later...
  • 4 months later...

Here’s my worst to best 

1. Monday 

2. Tuesday 

3. Wednesday 

4. Sunday 

5. Thursday 

6. Friday  

7. Saturday 

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Tuesday - Start of the new work week:dry:
Thursday - Fuck we still got one more day?!:scoots:
Wednesday - Eh, I'll suck it up:yeahno:
Friday - You know I feel like clocking out early today and jumpstarting my weekend. Why not?:fiery:
Monday - I get a 3-Day weekend. Monday is now pre-Monday:huh:
Sunday - Middle of my weekend but whatever excitement I had usually diminishes by now:wacko:
Saturday - Fuck y'all I'm relaxingB)

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7. Monday - 5 days 'till the weekend :glimmer:

6. Tuesday - 4 days 'till the weekend :dry:

5. Wednesday - 3 days 'till the weekend :maud:

4. Thursday - Friday-eve, 2 days 'till the weekend :)

3. Friday - last day before the weekend :yay:

2. Saturday - weekend :kirin:

1. Sunday - WEEKEND!!! :pinkie:

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Saturday: Getting run down emotionally by this time; too much work and too much stress.

Sunday: It’s okay, but I shop on Sunday and I’m tired of grocery shopping.

Friday: Decent but going downhill. I have some time to myself but not enough of it.

Wednesday: I like it every other week. Half the time it’s a peaceful day to regroup, and half the time it’s a grueling hard day of work that poisons the whole week leading up to it.

Monday: A free day to get caught up and recharge the mental batteries.

Thursday: This day is all to myself and I can really get stuff done.

Tuesday: A special day to escape all things of the world. 

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