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Hello guys! :lol:

After a week of planning and editing, here it is: An Atheist Dubstep.

It is sort of crappy and wobbly, in my opinion, but I just wanted to share. :P


Checkmate, Atheists! Dubstep.mp3


What is, specifically, that music, huh? :confused:

Is just an regular dubstep edit (my first though :pinkie: )  of a video I found in youtube of EdwardCurrent, an youtuber actor who roleplays a brainwashed Christian just to mock them in his comedy videos. In this video, his character uses bunch of fallacious Christians arguments, trying to refute atheism and agnosticism. It is ver fun XD


His channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/EdwardCurrent


Observation: Made in FL Studio 10 (Producer Edition), using only native plug-ins(Seriously, I didn't use Massive Plugin  B) ).


If you got any question about how to make amazing wobble basses in that program, feel free to ask.

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Guys, something terrible happened. I forgot to put drums in the final drops, so I'll reupload it. Thank for listening it.  :wub:

EDIT: Finally Reuploaded. Have a nice day (Or night)

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