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So this idea came to mind while making an offhand remark about an evil celestia from a FiMficition story, suppose somepony, one of your favorite villians or just an AU version of your favorite pony gets pulled into Ravenloft, the Realm of Dread where evil is widespread. Let's take it a step further and make him/her the dark lord of his/her own domain and the Dark Powers of Ravenloft begin tormenting her eternity.


This Ravenloft could be the one from Dungeons and Dragons, or its own pony-version, but I was wondering if anyone had some ideas that would spring from this.



I see Xenolestia from the Conversion Bureau series set up almost like Count Strahd von Zarovich, that she has her own castle and an ordered land to rule, and she keeps the trains running on time. However every pony in her employ always ends up acting like newfoals, mindlessly grinning at her and speaking in a monotone voice that excites paranoia. In addition, she seems to have no control over the power of the sun here in Ravenloft, and perhaps the worst curse laid on her by the Dark Powers, when the sun goes down she herself transforms into a human woman, no matter what she does, no magic or potion can keep her from transforming every sunset. The ultimate punishment for the scourge of humanity is to be hunted by her grinning subjects until morning.


And like every Dark Lord, she professes that her actions (genocide) were in the right, that she is the victim.

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